Our differences make us stronger, but we have one thing in common – The Tacton Spirit

The people of Tacton comes from many parts of the world and have joined Tacton with a wide variety of experiences. We are all different but have one thing in common - the Tacton Spirit - our value platform.

The Tacton Spirit consists of the three value words that we have chosen together because we think they describe us in the best possible way. The Tacton Spirit provides us with an understanding of the values and behaviors that is of importance to us. It helps us work effectively together, get the job done and, most importantly, having fun at work.


Engagement to us is showing dedication and commitment to our customers, colleagues, as well as the tasks and problem we solve. We care! We go that extra mile in order to find the best solutions for our customers and for Tacton as a company. In this we also include the “fun aspect” and the importance of having fun at work.


At Tacton we always work together to maximally utilize the groups’ knowledge and potential in order to find the best solutions for our customers. Together we can achieve everything and we are much stronger together than alone. This also means that we always share knowledge, information and experiences.


Our greatest asset is our employees and the collected competence we have gathered within Tacton. This needs to be maintained and continuously developed. Therefore, we always strive to get better at what we do and develop new skills – as individuals and as a company – to find more efficient solutions and processes to strengthen and empower our customers and make Tacton an even better company.