Tacton and SAP

Tacton and SAP

Most of Tacton’s customers are also SAP customers. Integrating with SAP systems is therefore commonplace for Tacton and something we feel comfortable with. It is a given for Tacton that the investments our customers have done into SAP should be seamlessly and efficiently leveraged by the Tacton solution. A multitude of integration scenarios has been implemented over the years for many of the most demanding SAP customers.
Tacton is an SAP Application Development Partner. This partnership provides access to SAP software, development support and to leverage the full power of the SAP Eco system.







To provide a wide range of integration possibilities regarding SAP integration Tacton has partnered with some best practices solution vendors. These partners bring a wealth of experience and industry leading tools to our projects. Our selected partners are certified by SAP and maintain a very close contact with the SAP development teams. The certification assures access to all the support required to achieve full compatibility with SAP.


Mulesoft is a leading provider of the most widely used integration platform for connecting SaaS & enterprise applications in the cloud and on-premise.
Mule’s SAP Enterprise Connector can:

  • Execute any standard and custom BAPI in SAP
  • Receive calls from ABAP code exposing external code running in Mule as a BAPI inside SAP
  • Send and Receive IDocs
  • For easier usage and integration, all SAP objects can be treated as XML documents



SAP’s Variant Configurator (VC) is one of the most important integration points for Tacton. With an integration suite of software, Tacton now makes available to the 3500+ SAP VC companies worldwide a capability to reuse, leverage and replicate the logic in the SAP VC knowledgebase for sales configuration.

Our partner eSpline is uniquely well equipped to support Tacton customers with integration to SAP’s Variant Configurator.  eSpline partners were a part of the original SAP IPC (Internet Pricing Configurator) development team and have been an integral part of the SAP VC community since its formation in 2007 with individual experiences with all SAP configurators since 1996.  eSpline is working closely with the Tacton development team for a suite of VC knowledgebase extraction and bi-directional integration tools. These tools are made available for Tacton customers as Tacton products supported by eSpline and Tacton.

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