Webinar: What’s New in Tacton Design Automation 4.8 for Inventor

What’s New in Tacton Design Automation 4.8 for Inventor

Join our webinar on May 16th and discover the newly added features and improvements in the latest version of Tacton Design Automation!


May 16th, 2017



Oliver Dover, Product Manager Tacton Design Automation, Tacton Systems

Patrik Skjelfoss, Principal Business Analyst, Tacton Systems

Highlights in Tacton Design Automation 4.8 for Inventor

This version of Tacton Design Automation for Inventor has implemented many improvements and new functionality from our user community. This includes new functionality to control iparts, a new licensing tool and improved runtime debugging. The TCServer version has been upgraded to 4.6 allowing for new configuration functionality such as visibility expressions and domain definitions.

New Functionality for controlling iparts

  • Now possible to control the iparts through variants

New License Utility Tool

  • Completely new tool
  • Improvements in license overview
  • Simplified license return
  • Node-locked and floating licenses collected in one place.

Improved Runtime Debugging

  • Timeout analysis
  • “Show in studio” functionality from the debugger

New Configuration Functionality

  • Visibility/Read-only functionality
  • Domain Definitions, new functionality allowing the user to reuse domain ranges

New Ease of Use Functionality

  • Hide orange in execution view
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