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A: Please use the “Sign up” form.
A: Yes. Please use the “Sign up” form to let us know your requirements.
A: Yes. Please use the “Sign up” form to let us know your requirements.
A: No, we recommend that you bring your own hardware and software. If that is not possible, Tacton Academy is able to provide a limited number of laptops (at Tacton premises only).
A: No, neither for the Academy trainers that might be visiting your premises nor for you when you are visiting Tacton premises.
A: No, Tacton Academy only provides training for standardized content optimized for teaching general concepts and skills. Customized training is provided by the Tacton professional service organization.
A: Please let our trainers know in advance of the training and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.
A: Please get in contact with our Academy trainers and they will provide recommendations to suit your preferences.
A: Yes, there are usually participants from several different companies in the Tacton scheduled trainings. If you prefer a private session, we can arrange one either at your or Tacton premises.

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