Design Automation

Design Automation


FLSmidth minimized workflows for proposals, orders and designs.

Caterpillar propulsion

From 24-60 hours to produce drawings for customized propellers to less than 20 minutes.

Caterpillar Propulsion

Design time reduced from 60 hours to 20 minutes. (in English)


Major time savings by modularizing assemblies and automating design. (in English)

TactonWorks Engineer

Enables you to quickly and interactively capture end-customer requirements. (in English)

TactonWorks Server

Enables you to run design automation projects, defined in TactonWorks Studio, on a remote server. (in English)

TactonWorks Studio

Enables set up and maintenance of design automation projects from inside the CAD system SolidWorks. (in English)

Design automation at ClearStream

Learn about Tacton's design automation solution at ClearStream Environmental. (in English)

ClearStream Environmental

This Utah-based company provides equipment for the water treatment market. ClearStream used to allocate four to six weeks to produce a customer quote and design for one of its sedimentation units.