Storie di Successo

Storie di Successo


Quotation time reduced by 50% and major productivity gains.

Hilge GmbH &Co.KG

Design time reduced from 3 days to 15 minutes. (in English)

FL Smidth

Streamlined product configuration, design and proposal generation. (in English)


Quotation time slashed from 8 weeks to 10 minutes. (in English)

GE Healthcare

Sales cycle shortened from several months to just days. (in English)


Quotation time reduced by 60%. (in English)

Caterpillar Propulsion

Design time reduced from 60 hours to 20 minutes. (in English)


Major time savings by modularizing assemblies and automating design. (in English)


Over 500,000 rules replaced by 150 constraints. (in English)


Time to produce sales quotes reduced from 8 days to 1 day. (in English)

ClearStream Environmental

This Utah-based company provides equipment for the water treatment market. ClearStream used to allocate four to six weeks to produce a customer quote and design for one of its sedimentation units.