Tacton CPQ Analytics

Create new insight with CPQ Analytics

Tacton CPQ Analytics is a solid foundation for better business analysis by providing daily up-to-date reports combined with deep analytic capabilities. Tacton CPQ Analytics is an optimal tool to create new customer and product insight.

Predicting the future

Companies with CPQ tools have exceptionally adaptable product offerings to serve diverse customer requirements. To remain competitive it’s essential to understand the driving forces for existing business. Tacton CPQ Analytics will reveal the possibilities to attract new customers in new segments. Tacton CPQ Analytics will present products, customers and trends in unified and flexible reports to support this analysis.

Monitor, understand and react

Tacton CPQ Analytics will

  • monitor sales performance business-wide with a consolidated view including up-to-date dashboards and executive reports
  • turns CPQ usage data into useful insight with key metrics for market and price analysis
  • reveal market trends and early warnings when there is need for action

Reporting made simple

Provides essential business reports such as pipeline, won/lost and quote status.
Dynamic drilldown for specific products/markets/customers for detailed understanding to support better business decisions.
Ongoing market analysis based on actual sales situations.

How it’s done

Tacton CPQ Analytics can be used standalone (based on tools such as QlikView, Tableau or Power-Pivot) with out-of-the-box ETL to transform the CPQ behavior logs and output files into valuable insights.

Tacton CPQ Analytics can be extended to include data from e-Commerce platforms, CRM and ERP and can be integrated with existing data warehouse solutions such as Hadoop and Business Objects.

Beyond reporting

Understanding the principal drivers for successful sales is essential for developing new products for a fast changing competitive market. Tacton’s ability to track customer needs takes the analysis beyond features and products. This extends the understanding of important key differentiators and how this is affected by geography and segment.
Tacton CPQ Analytics supports ad-hoc analysis and data exploration to understand customer segments, pricing and key business drivers. In the extended analysis the CPQ data is used to enable a more optimized and targeted product offering.
Tacton has dedicated consultants to support the CPQ analysis.