Tacton is one of Sweden’s Super Companies for the second year in a row

Tacton is, for the second year in a row, included in the Super list put together by the Swedish publication Veckans Affärer.   

This awardThe Super companies (Superföretagen), is a cooperation between Bisnode and the Swedish business publication Veckans Affärer.  The criteria to become a Super company is based on a model created by Bisnode. The model measures the economic quality and shows the company’s financial ability. The parameters used are: growth, profit, revenue, effectivity, capital structure and financing. Each company’s financial ability is compared to reference values based on other companies with similar size and in the same market segment.

The entire list was published on November 5and can be found here  (website in Swedish).

Go here to see the press release (press release in Swedish)

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