Lumo Graphics

Lumo Graphics is the solution leader in real-time 3D visualization for product configuration. Their software LumoLogic has set the standard to manage 3D visualization in combination with a CPQ solution. Customers currently using Lumo Graphics’ solutions for their sales success are Daimler Trucks, Mercedes-Benz Buses, Setra, Stryker, Schindler Elevators and many more.

Tacton Systems and Lumo Graphics has a partnership to provide the commercial vehicle industry with high quality visualization embedded in the CPQ tool. The combination of products from Tacton and Lumo Graphics enable customers to instantly see the visual impact of choices made and easily explore the unique vehicle being configured. This creates an excellent user experience and adds quality and professionalism to the sales process resulting in an increased hit rate and lower non-quality-costs.

Visualization is no longer just a nice to have feature, but a must have for any professional sales process. Users want to see what they are buying and they need the possibility to easily catch mistakes and wrong choices as early as possible in the sales process. Being able to correct mistakes before going to production saves companies a lot of time and money. All of the above is proof that visualization adds value to the sales process.

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