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Right Path

Where Computer Aided Design changed the face of design engineering, design automation is changing the face of machine design by allowing for the rapid exchange of ideas between the customer and your company. Right Path Design Automation works alongside Tacton customers to integrate their SolidWorks or Autodesk Inventor models with the Tacton software platform in […]


With over 300 skilled employees and 100,000 daily users across Northern Europe, we provide our clients with expert guidance covering everything from design and sales automation to 3D modelling and simulation to Product Lifecycle Management. Many of our solutions follow the principles of LEAN, and the benefits include lower development and production costs, a reduction […]

Kozo Keikaku Engineering

Kozo Keikaku Engineering seeks to improve design efficiency for designers and sales teams by leveraging the power of design automation. Find out more at  

PLM Group

By bringing together the know-how of the best specialists in the Nordics, we help our customers to design products with the highest possible productivity and turn innovations into real business success. Our ‘bottom up’ approach builds PLM capabilities step-by-steady-step, for quick implementation and short payback time. PLM Group has had more than 5,000 successful implementations. […]


Technicon has long been an innovator in integrating product visualization with sales configuration, generating 3D models, 2D layouts and photorealistic renderings that let customers and engineers see the exact products they configured. With a strong CAD background, Technicon has integrated sales systems with the leading CAD systems to automate design and drawing production for manufacturers […]