TactonWorks speeds up the design and delivery of customized products by automating the production of detailed drawings, models and manufacturing information. TactonWorks is completely embedded within the 3D CAD system, SolidWorks from Dassault.

A design automation solution typically requires two parts; the CAD system to support the design process as well as a product configurator to solve the complex task of configuring the product.

Tacton’s state-of-the-art configurator engine dramatically reduces the number of rules needed to configure customized products. With TactonWorks, design time is often reduced from months to days and from days to hours. Your engineers will be freed from routine, repetitive tasks and can focus on higher value work.


The TactonWorks portfolio includes:

  • TactonWorks Engineer – enables design engineers to quickly and interactively capture customer requirements and automatically create customized 3D models and 2D drawings within SolidWorks.
  • TactonWorks Studio – enables you to set up and maintain design automation projects within the SolidWorks environment. The graphical point-and-click environment is embedded in the SolidWorks task pane.
  • TactonWorks Online – this web-based application makes your design project available to your sales team, engineers or end-customers anywhere, without the need for local installation of SolidWorks. Your sales organization will be able to configure products during the sales meeting and have a detailed quote, with drawings, pricing and manufacturing information, ready by the end of the meeting.
  • TactonWorks Batch – this Windows-based application enables you to generate SolidWorks documents in batch mode. The user can specify the required range of variation and TactonWorks Batch will automatically generate all valid combinations within that range, together with the relevant SolidWorks documents for each configuration.
  • TactonWorks Server – enables you to run design automation projects defined in TactonWorks Studio on a remote server. It enables you to provide back-end design automation capabilities to any front-end system.


Learn more about the different TactonWorks products by downloading the product sheet here.


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