Modeling Tools

Modeling Tools

Managing a product configuration project often requires in-depth knowledge and a high skill level, both to model products and to write and maintain configuration rules. This is a challenge for many organizations.

Tacton modeling environment enable your implementation team to set up, test, validate, maintain and run your Tacton configurator project. Tacton’s modeling environment is so intuitive and easy-to-use, that your team can maintain the project, without the need for in-depth programming knowledge, or help from IT.

The modeling environment includes:

TCstudio – enables set up, maintenance and running your Tacton Configurator projects – including validation of product data, design of the user-interface and definition of the configuration rules.

TCstudio Testbench – automates the testing process and ensures the quality of your Tacton Configurator projects.

TCexcel Add-in – enables setup, maintenance and quality assurance of Tacton Configurator data from within the familiar MS Excel environment.

Framework for Model data & rules Backoffice – enables your implementation team to collaborate  by providing file versioning, file management, web based data management, synchronization with external systems, data testing, validation and much more.


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