Tacton Visualizer

Visual Configuration turns a challenge into a compelling customer experience

Drive better sales with an interactive 3D visualization during the configuration. Show your possibilities convenient to your customers. Make it easy for your sales team to configure, explain and up-sell directly with the virtual product. Be easy-to-buy-at and secure a correct customer decision with real-time visualization and a visual documentation in the quote.

The challenge of the million possibilities

You’re selling complex variant products which give you tremendous opportunities for the best fit to your customers’ requirements. You give them often millions of variants to choose from. But this also creates a huge burden of choice and a real challenge for your sales team to communicate the variety. It is hard to understand the offering just with a textual description. And your sales team needs more than a thousand words to communicate the obvious.

Showing is knowing and Seeing is believing

Make it easy for your team to present all the options, make it easy for your customer to understand and to take a good decision about your quote. Use interactive 3D visualization to show the product variants, to modify the configuration and make your sales team communicate more effective.
Visual Configuration makes you see every decision in the configuration process. The 3D visualization which is created out of your 3D CAD files and connected into the CPQ systems let you also interact with the product directly and place options at the position you want them. Your sales team can immediately show the product to the customer and the customer can give instant feedback for the best choice. Your sales team will be able to show much more up-sell options to your customers and your customer will instantly understand what the sales rep is talking about. The decision for the customer becomes significantly easier because he understands the quote better and the customer satisfaction with his decision also increases.

Use a standard tool to make the administration easy

Since the recent acquisition of Lumo Graphics, a well-known specialist for visualization for CPQ you get the full power of one of the most advanced software products for configuration visualization at a one-stop-shopping at Tacton. With LumoLogic, the standard software for managing the configuration visualization you can manage the visualization in a structured and clear way in-house, just as you manage the product logic in the CPQ system. More than 2.000 sales users sell every day with our visual configuration solutions. More than 15 companies from SMBs up to large enterprises like Daimler, Volvo or Stryker rely on our solutions to sell their variant products successful.

What’s in for me

  • Increase the customer experience and speed up customer insight in your offering.
  • Present more up-sell options to the customer in a more convenient way
  • Ramp up new sales team members faster
  • Get rid of misunderstandings with visual documentation of the decision

How to proceed

  • Discover the potential of visual configuration in customer reports
  • Explore the compelling experience of visual configuration in our next webinar or in a 1:1 web session
  • Get in contact with our consultants to get insight in your visual CPQ readiness and your potential

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