Implementation services to suit your organization and your budget

Whatever your requirements, we can supply the level of guidance, support and resources needed to structure, plan and implement your project.
From planning to implementation, launch and beyond, our flexible approach ensures that your team gets the help they need when they need it.

Roadmap workshops

This is a high-level workshop with Tacton’s most senior consultants, who, together with your leadership team, will help you outline your goals, define the scope of the project and work out a plan to get you there – as quickly and effectively as possible.

Implementation support packages

With right resources, training and support, your team can implement and run Tacton solutions themselves. The intuitive, easy-to-use modelling environment requires no specific programming skills. Through a combination of Tacton Academy classes, design workshops and on-going coaching and support – your product specialists and developers can be self-sufficient.  The implementation support package covers configuration modelling, design of document templates, software development add-ons and system integration.

Tacton implementation projects

Not all companies will have the resources with enough knowledge and experience to develop and run the project themselves. If you need extra help, we offer a complete project organization that can take on implementations of all sizes.  Our proven 3-step implementation methodology – D3 – is backed by knowledgeable, experienced consultants and practical tools and process. The methodology ensures rapid, successful projects and a quick ROI. The D3 project model is complemented by web based project portal and issue handling system.

Our implementation services are fully flexible. Whatever your need, we can provide the guidance, resources and support to suit.