Customer Support Issue Priority Definitions

Customer Support Issue Priority Definitions

The following are the standard priority definitions for issues submitted to Tacton Customer Support, unless there is a different agreement in place.


  • Material function is not working and cannot be restarted.
  • Blocks work completely with no available workaround.
  • Causing substantial effect on business operations.


  • Functionality for major business process not available, i.e. crashes, loss of data, or severe memory leak, and no easy workaround available.
  • High impact on business operations and, if not resolved, could impact long-term operations.


  • Major loss of function.
  • Time-critical How-To Support requests.
  • Available workaround may be a reasonable short-term solution but could be labor intensive.


  • Minor loss of function.
  • Ordinary How-To Support requests.
  • Immediate attention to maintain system operations is not required, and a workaround is present.


  • Cosmetic problem like misspelled words or misaligned text.

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