Configure Price Quote Deliver (CPQ)

Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Drive revenue growth by making it easier for your sales force to sell customized products. Speed up time-to-volume and maximize your competitiveness by enabling your entire sales channel to effectively sell your latest product offering from day one.

CPQ bridges the gap between your customer and your product

Sales reps often have difficulty knowing how to address customer needs and position the best solution. The knowledge required to configure the desired product is immense and there is a lack of connection between product and sales information. Sales reps often need to call on product specialists to help position and assemble an offer to a customer. Quotations typically go through many iterations before they are ready to present, and even then, errors aren’t uncommon.

Tacton solves this problem by bridging the gap between your sales team and the product and pricing knowledge required to assemble the best customer offer. The powerful  product configurator understands your entire product range and all the possible configurable options.

This removes the need for detailed product knowledge and ensures that your sales team will always proposes a solution that is not just valid but optimal, for your customer and for you. Because the results are always based on the latest product and pricing information, your team can sell with confidence and certainty.

Make it easy for your sales team to sell

The Tacton Configure Price Quote solution makes it easy for sales people to talk to customers. Needs-based guided selling helps your team lead the customer to the right buying decision based on their specific needs and the factors that matter to them. Requirements are captured through questions that address your customers’ business goals – rather than product features and options. The solution completely removes the need to walk through and sequentially define products feature by feature. By selling directly towards your customer’s business needs and priorities you will build a reputation for delivering superior value.

Offer the best deal for your customer – and for you

Predefined rules optimize how the product should be configured and priced based on your business goals. This ensures that the solution will always be optimized – for you and your customer. Quotes are always 100% accurate as both product configuration and pricing are based on the very latest product and price data.Your sales team won’t end up selling products that can’t be delivered, or agree pricing and discounts that erode your margins.

Shorten the sales cycle

Tacton quoting software takes the manual work out of quotation preparation and helps your team to create high-quality, custom quotes in no time. Once a sales configuration is completed, the sales rep can automatically generate a comprehensive customer quotation including all supporting documentation including 2D and 3D visualizations and BOMs. Automating this process saves an enormous amount of time, not just for the sales team, but for your product specialists and the engineers and designers who generate drawings and provide input to quotations. Many of our customers have shortened quotation lead times from weeks to hours, and even minutes.

The risk for cut-and-paste and other manual errors often associated with sales quotations, become a thing of the past, and sales rep can now focus on selling instead of chasing information internally in order to deliver a quotation.

Price accurately – every time

Tacton’s CPQ software ensures that your sales channel is always selling at the right price – no matter how complex your product catalogue or pricing structure. The solution takes you beyond simple assemble-to-order pricing and allows for complex engineer-to-order pricing and quoting. Your sales team will be able to generate high-quality quotes with correct pricing in minutes – speeding up the sales process dramatically.

Make it easy for your customers to buy

Your ability to quickly provide high-quality budget and firm quotations with accurate pricing and all the supporting documentation the customer needs is vital to both new and repeat business. By giving the customer all the information they need in a timely manner, you can help them to make an informed buying decision.

The visualization capabilities in the 3D product configurator allows the customer to see and understand their product, which helps give confidence in the buying decision.

Increase revenue by cross-selling and up selling

After-sales service packages and warranties often add significant revenue and improve the margin of the overall deal. With Tacton’s quoting software, your team will have insight into cross-sell and up-sell opportunities at the relevant stages of the sales process.


With CPQ from Tacton you will:

  • close more business, faster
  • increase average deal size
  • sell your complete product range
  • radically reduce average quotation time
  • reduce quotation errors
  • produce complex quotes without product experts
  • shorten time to volume
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