Design Automation can be your best sales tool

Design Automation can be your best sales tool

Quote generation is a bottleneck in many companies. Sales people are often heavily reliant on input from product specialists - both to validate product specifications and to produce supporting drawings and product documentation.

With a design automation solution from Tacton, your sales team will no longer have to wait for engineering to validate configurations or manually produce drawings. The solution captures the knowledge of your best product specialists and dynamically generates 2D drawings and 3D models during the sales configuration.

Customer requirements are captured through needs-based questions that can be answered in any sequence. Those that don’t matter can be skipped completely. Just like your best product expert, the product configurator will fill in the blanks and find a solution that is not only valid, but optimal. Even newly hired sales reps, dealers and channel partners can quickly find the right solution. This speeds up the quote cycle dramatically – in some cases from weeks to minutes!

3D visualization aids the sales process

The visualization capabilities in Tacton’s 3D product configurator allows the customer to view three-dimensional representations their product before they place the order. This can be enormously helpful during the sales process. When a customer can see their product, it aids understanding and helps give confidence in the buying decision.

Configure products on the fly

With the web-based application TactonWorks online, your sales team, engineers, and end-customers can use TactonWorks without a local installation of TactonWorks or your CAD tool.

Your team will be able to configure products during the sales meeting and have a detailed quote, with 2D drawings, 3D models, pricing and manufacturing information, ready by the end of the meeting. All without support from technical or design teams.


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