Design Automation for engineers

Tacton design automation takes the manual work out of configuring and designing custom products so you can focus on what really matters – innovating and developing your product line.

An engineering game changer

Long lead times for design customizations are a pain point for many companies. Engineering gets the blame here, because they can’t process changes or produce custom drawings fast enough.

With each new sales case, you’re under pressure to validate specifications, provide custom drawings and input to proposal documentation – often with incomplete or changing instructions from sales about the customer order.

As well as this, when product lines change, one small update can affect hundreds of drawings.  Revising drawings to reflect the update is time-consuming, manual work and it’s not exactly inspiring or value-adding.

With Tacton Design Automation you’ll spend less time making drawing updates, validating configurations and supporting sales with custom drawings, and more time innovating and designing new products.

For many of our customers, introducing design automation has been a game changer. They typically see design cycle time reduced from weeks to hours – sometimes even minutes.

“The drawings for complex shaft arrangements can now be produced in as little as 20 minutes, where this process previously took between 24 and 60 hours.” Pär Hallgren, Caterpillar Propulsion

Allow your engineering expertise to shine

Valuable engineering resources are often tied-up creating custom drawings for sales quotes or detailed manufacturing documentation for customized products. By automating these routine tasks, you can design more with less work. Freed from mundane CAD work, you’ll have more time to focus on innovating new products and improving existing ones.

Our customers find that by automating configuration and design, they can harness their engineering expertise in a smarter way. They are developing more new and improved products, and are getting them to market faster.

We are able to consistently develop innovative, better-performing equipment, faster than our competitors.” Dustin Birch, Director of Engineering, ClearStream Environmental

 No more costly design errors

Every invalid selection in a specification or missing or incorrect dimension on a drawing can cause confusion, delays and disruptive change orders.

With Tacton’s solution, design constraints are captured in the system. Your starting point is always a valid, buildable configuration which is then tweaked to suit a customer’s specific requirements. The customer can define as much, or as little as they like. The configurator will still propose a solution that is not just be not just buildable, but optimal.

With automatic error trapping, any incompatible choices or conflicts are picked up and flagged. Not only is this a huge time saver, it also eliminates back charges due to design errors.

“We can be confident of the integrity of the drawings, and they are created automatically for suppliers as well as internal production and assembly. Fewer errors mean we never have to halt our design process and redesign parts, which can be very expensive and frustrating when everyone is working to strict timetables.” Pär Hallgren, Caterpillar Propulsion

 Easy to implement, easy to maintain

Tacton’s design automation tools are super-intuitive. The user interface is embedded within the CAD environment, so you can see drawings updating dynamically as you change dimensions or tweak the design. Because drafters and designers are working within an already-familiar CAD environment, there is virtually no learning curve.

The modelling environment is equally easy to use. Your team can create and maintain configuration models without the need for programming knowledge, or help from IT. Because configuration logic is separate from product information, it is extraordinarily fast and simple to make updates to the portfolio as products are introduced or evolve. A change to a product just needs to be made in one place, the update automatically filters to all places affected by the change.

“We wanted to do all the modelling ourselves and Tacton supported us in our approach. We got some basic modelling training and attended some workshops, with Tacton’s guidance and advice we were able to do the modelling on our own – which speaks for how easy the software is to use.” Dr Klos, General Manager, Yaskawa Europe Robotics Division

Run your project at your pace

There’s no big bang with Tacton Design Automation. You can start small, with just one product line or part of a complete product, and then expand the scope and range of the project once the benefits and time-savings start to roll in. And because these benefits extend well beyond the engineering department, the business case is clear and easy to make.

From the start we have had a great cooperation with Tacton, we have found them to be very flexible and responsive. It feels more like a partnership rather than a customer, supplier relationship and they are really helping us to succeed.” Sicco Saft, Manager of Sales Support, Meyn

Goes beyond dimensional drawings

Tacton design automation solution goes beyond producing simple dimensional drawings for customer quotes. The software handles all the detail necessary for the shop to manufacture the product.

With the design already validated by the configurator engine, the drawings are not only detailed enough, but also guaranteed to correctly represent the product both from a customer and manufacturing point of view.

Protects your engineering knowledge

All too often, companies are reliant on a few key people who have the knowledge necessary to validate and configure products. The pressure on these experts can be enormous. With the Tacton solution, your engineering knowledge is captured and protected. This reduces risk, makes you less vulnerable should a key product expert become unavailable.

“I know many companies hesitate to introduce configuration because they think – our products cannot be structured or streamlined in a good way or, our combinations are too complicated. We also heard these comments in our company. There were people who said it wouldn’t be possible, but it was.” Dr Klos, Yaskawa Europe Robotics Division

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