Transition your 2D drawings into 3D models

Transition your 2D drawing to 3D models with Tacton design automation

Many companies could experience a jump in productivity by using 3D models instead of 2D drawings to customize their products. Some of these companies have balked at the work involved in migrating their 2D drawings into 3D. They are forced to utilize 3D only for standard products and they use 2D for all customization and system design.

Typically, companies have a large library of previously customized drawings in 2D, and there is no time or resources available to convert these into 3D. Instead, when a customization is needed, these companies find a similar old 2D drawing to modify.

Using TactonWorks design automation, customizing in the 3D product configurator is much more efficient than in 2D.

TactonWorks can help you migrate from 2D to 3D and you will no longer need to have a large library of drawings or models. Instead, one master 3D model and one configuration model defines how the product can be customized. TactonWorks can then automatically create millions of different variants of that model. The rules in TactonWorks are used instead of the library of old drawings. Instead of searching for a similar drawing in the old library, an engineer can efficiently create a custom model using TactonWorks.

With Tacton design automation:

  • There’s no need to have a large library of drawings or models.
  • One master 3D model and a configuration model governs the product and defines how it can be customized.
  • You’ll experience massive time savings for engineers who don’t need to search for drawings in a document library.
  • Access to a much larger variety of designs than with the old 2D library.
  • Fast creation of quotation drawings, and reuse the work when the quote becomes an order.
  • TactonWorks and the rules can control 2D drawing updates (so that the drawing continues to look good after you change the 3D model).

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