Enterprise Configuration

Enterprise configuration – thinking beyond sales and product configuration

Most manufacturing companies have been using software applications to support product configuration tasks for decades. The solutions are often home-grown; and there can be a myriad of different tools to support different parts of the organization, business processes, roles and tasks.

The use of configuration software is becoming increasingly strategic – both in supporting the sales process; and in achieving efficiencies in the management of variance in complex product ranges and pricing structures.

The companies that are reaping the greatest benefits from advances in configuration technology are placing the technology centrally, as a single source of information to support all these different dimensions and business processes.

We call this unified approach Enterprise Configuration.

Tacton’s state-of-the-art configurator has been designed to manage the configuration of complex products at all levels of detail. Because the user interface is separate from the configuration logic – it is possible to support very different processes, tasks and functions with one underlying rule set.

Our customers use Tacton technology to support widely different tasks – from defining modular product structures and automating the design and engineering of drawings and 3D CAD models, to sales configuration and the streamlining the CPQ process.

Our customers find that our unique way of modeling product architecture is the key to achieving consistency in product structures across different stake-holders.


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