Guided Selling

Make it easy for your customers to buy from you

Tacton’s guided selling software captures the know-how of your most experienced product specialists and sales people – and puts it in the hands of your entire sales force. Even newly hired reps, dealers and channel partners will be able to quickly find the right solution.

Selling that’s based on your customers’ needs

Guided selling helps your sales team to lead customers to the right decision, based on their specific needs and the factors that matter to them – be that intended usage, running costs, price, energy efficiency or other preferences. This gives your customers confidence in their buying decisions.

The right deal for you and your customer

Predefined rules optimize how the product should be specified and priced – based on both your customers’ needs, and your business goals. This ensures you’ll offer the deal that is best for your customer, and for you.  Your sales team won’t sell products that can’t be delivered, or agree pricing and discounts that erode your margins.

A dramatically faster quotation process

Accurate, high-quality quotes with supporting documentation are generated automatically. This speeds up the quotation process dramatically. In fact many of our customers have seen quotation time reduced from weeks to hours and days to minutes.

3D visualization helps your customers to make all-important buying decisions

The visualization capabilities in the 3D product configurator allows the customer to view a three-dimensional representation their product during the sales configuration. This can be enormously helpful during the sales process. When a customer can see their product, it aids understanding and helps give confidence in the buying decision.

Sell your entire product range

With Tacton’s guided selling solution, your sales channel will have the insight to sell your complete range – even the latest products and options – not just those they are most familiar with. The solution leads your sales team to recommend the best possible solution – for your customer and for you.

The bottom line…

Guided selling helps reduce your costs, protect margins and grow revenue. Your team can close more business, faster. Time- and money-wasting errors are eliminated. And the solution helps ensure that deals are profitable. In addition, your team will have the insight to cross-sell, up-sell; and recommend the appropriate warranties after-sales service packages.

With guided selling software from Tacton you will:

  • close more business, faster
  • give your customers a better buying experience
  • free up your sales team to sell
  • have insight into cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • save time and money
  • protect margins and grow revenue


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