Pricing and Quoting

Intelligent Pricing and Quoting – in minutes, not days

Tacton’s pricing and quoting software ensures that your sales channel is always selling at the right price – no matter how complicated your product catalogue or pricing structure.

Tacton’s solution takes you beyond simple assemble-to-order pricing and allows for complex engineer-to-order pricing and quoting. Your sales team will be able to generate high-quality quotes with correct pricing in minutes – speeding up the sales process dramatically.

Pricing that’s not just correct – it’s optimal

Many pricing solutions can help you get a correct price. Tacton’s pricing configurator goes further by pro-actively offering the optimal price based on the factors that you deem to be important. This might be highest margin, customer value, lowest price, or a weighted combination of these and other attributes.

Easy updating with no down-time

Because pricing is set up in Tacton’s admin interface, changes can be made quickly and easily – without help from IT. This means you can respond quickly to shifting market conditions with price adjustments, discounts and promotions. The changes are distributed automatically to your channel, so your sales reps will always have up-to-the-minute pricing information.

Professional quotes with correct pricing in minutes

The pricing solution works seamlessly with Tacton’s quotation tools, so your team can put together professional proposals and quotes with accurate pricing in formats that work for them – and your customers. And best of all, they can do it in minutes and hours, not days and weeks.

Supports collaborative quoting

With role-based user capabilities and approval workflows, different members of your team can work collaboratively on a sales case, without slowing down the sales process.

Pricing features

  • Price and quote for complex products based on any pricing structure
  • Set your prices based on customer and market segment
  • No down-time when changing pricing structures
  • Optimize on any attribute such as price or margin
  • Managing pricing, discounts and promotions without the need for IT support
  • Automate workflow for approvals based on price, customer or any other parameter
  • Optionally leverage your current external pricing systems without the need to replicate existing pricing structure

Quoting features

  • Generate and manage quotes online or offline
  • Full revision history allows users to track, browse and re-use quotations
  • Work with several open quotes in parallel
  • Supports collaborative selling with role-based user capabilities
  • State of the art document generation enables creation of “rich” proposals
  • Generate and include 3D-drawings via direct links to CAD
  • Workflow for the whole quotation lifecycle
  • Maintain customer information directly in Tacton, or through CRM integration
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