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State of the art product configuration – the key to your success

Your ability to quickly respond to customer requests with the best and most competitive offer is vital to your success.  But as most manufacturers know, achieving this can be a huge challenge.

The difficulty lies in the complexity of the products and in understanding and managing the interdependencies between different variables.

The knowledge required to configure the desired product for the customer is immense. And harnessing this knowledge within each of your sales people is all but impossible. Without the right support, the sales process can be lengthy and error-prone and sales are often forced to call upon various product experts to get a quote together. This takes time and adds cost that eats into your margins.

Tacton’s product configuration (CPQ) software makes it dramatically simpler for your team to configure, design and sell complex products.

Tacton CPQ software makes configuring and selling complex products simple

The Tacton solution is the only product configuration software on the market designed to make configuration as simple as possible – both in the sales and order process as well as in the creation and maintenance of product configuration rules.
The configuration software captures the knowledge of your best product experts and empowers your sales team, enabling them to put together accurate, high-quality quotations fast. No matter how complex the product or how many variables there are.

With needs-based guided selling your team will offer the optimal products at the optimal price, for you and your customer. Your team will no longer specify products that can’t be delivered, or agree pricing and discounts that erode your margins.

Powerful, constraint-based product configuration

The Tacton solution is backed by a powerful, constraint-based configurator engine that can manage the configuration of the most complicated of products. Because the configuration logic is separate from product information, it is extraordinarily simple to set up and maintain configuration rules and make updates as products evolve.

As well as this, Tacton integrates seamlessly with ERP, CRM, PLM and CAD systems. This means it is possible to support very different processes, tasks and functions with one underlying set of constraints.

With Tacton, you can automate your entire quote-to-production process. The Configure Price Quote solution supports sales with quotes, pricing, technical drawings and product descriptions and also generates production outputs such as bills of material, routings, and production drawings.

Your company will experience dramatic results using the Tacton product configurator. Here’s why:

  • Sales are empowered with the knowledge they need to offer the right product at the right price.
  • You’ll always offer the solution that’s optimal for your customer and for you.
  • With guided selling, even new or inexperienced sales representatives can effectively sell complex products.
  • The 3D visualization tools help your customers to make all-important purchase decisions.
  • Shorter sale cycles lead to more quotes per year which in turn results in higher revenues.
  • You’ll gain competitive advantage by being able to deliver accurate, high-quality quotes quicker than the competition
  • You’ll have better control of your margins resulting in increased profitability.
  • Administration is reduced for both sales and configuration specialists.
  • Product specialists are freed up to focus on innovation and product development.



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