Proposals and Documentation

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Producing customized proposals is a time-consuming process. There is a lot of manual work involved in gathering and tailoring information and the sales team often requires input and advice from product specialists. There can be many iterations of the proposal before it is agreed internally, with different parties inputting along the way.

Accurate quotations in no time – every time

With proposal and document generation software from Tacton, your sales team can create high-quality customer quotation documents in a fraction of the time it usually takes. The information is always 100% accurate, because it is based on predefined rules that optimize how the product should be specified.  The Tacton document generation solution is backed by a powerful, constraint-based configurator that can manage even the most complicated product structures.

Customized documentation generated automatically

As well as the quotation itself, the solution automatically generates all the documents needed to support the quote. This can include technical summaries, price lists, user manuals, installation instructions, spare parts lists, even bills of materials.

In the format you want

You can control layout, design and branding and work in formats that are already familiar to your sales team such as Microsoft Word and Excel. And with multiple language and currency support, you can produce documents in any preloaded language and currency you require.

With document generation from Tacton you will:

  • produce accurate proposals and supporting documents in minutes and hours – not days or weeks
  • dramatically reduce the manual work involved in preparing quotations
  • free up your sales team so they can focus on selling
  • banish errors from your quotation process
  • protect margins and grow revenue
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