Visualization tools help your customers to make all-important purchasing decisions

It's difficult to describe complex products using just words and numbers. 2D drawings and 3D visualizations convey significantly more information - in a way that's easier to grasp for most of us.

Visualization makes it easier for your customers to understand your products

All-important buying decisions require a good understanding of the product. So it’s crucial that you arm your customer with information that’s easily understood.

The visualization capabilities in Tacton’s 3D product configurator let your customers view a three-dimensional representation their product before they place the order.  The visualisations are generated dynamically as the product is configured. This allows your sales people and the customer can see the implications of their choices. This can be enormously helpful during the sales process.

Tacton’s visualization tools aid swift understanding of your product. And hopefully swift action from your customer – as they can have greater confidence in their buying decision.

The visualisation tools also support your design and engineering departments as they design new and improved products.

Tacton’s visualization tools:

  • aid decision making
  • speed up the sales and design cycles
  • simplify communication
  • improve the quality of proposal documentation

The visualization tools are part of Tacton’s CPQ solution, software that makes it dramatically easier to configure, design and sell complex products.


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