CPQ apps for iOS

Configure and sell customized products from your iOS mobile device

With Tacton CPQ for mobile, you have full access to Tacton's powerful configuration technology from your Apple mobile device. CPQ apps allow you to engage with customers and collaborate with colleagues in a whole new way.

Transform your customer’s experience

Tacton CPQ for mobile offers a new and powerful way to engage with customers. Being able to sit together with a customer, configuring products with a user-friendly app, directly on an iPad, creates a much greater level of customer involvement and engagement.

The app accesses the complete Tacton CPQ functionality, and is the ideal guided selling tool. Your reps can ask direct questions about the customer’s business requirements, and then tweak the configuration based on their needs. There is no need to go into any technical detail. The proposed product is updated instantly as you’re talking – including the 3D visualizations, bill of materials and pricing.

Once the customer is happy with the proposed solution, you can generate budget quotations right then and there, complete with pricing and any supporting documentation.


Close deals faster

The approvals process is a real bottleneck for manufacturers, often causing frustration and unnecessary delays. With the Approvals App,  managers and engineers receive instant notifications when their approval is required, and can review and respond to requests directly from their iPhone or Apple Watch with a simple tap or swipe. This speeds up the proposal workflow significantly.

Configure the app without any support from IT

The Tacton CPQ app interface is fully configurable. This means that you can tailor the front end to suit each individual’s role and needs.

You decide what the customer sees in the front end and can choose to hide any sensitive information such as margin requirements. You don’t need to touch a line of code to set this up, just tailor the interface using simple drag and drop technology.

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