Tacton Talent Program

Tacton Talent Program

Tacton’s Talent Program helps every new Tacton employee—from emerging talent to experienced professional—to excel in their new position.

In 2012, Tacton launched its Talent Program, a method to help employees acquire the skills they need to be an active team member at Tacton Systems. Tacton is a Swedish company but we consider the entire globe to be our workplace. Tacton’s customers operate globally and so do we. The strength gained from cultural diversity is a core strategy when we recruit new colleagues.

We offer many opportunities for employees to develop the borderless thinking and multicultural competencies and behaviors required to work and cooperate effectively across cultures. At Tacton, you will gain an intercultural experience that will serve you throughout your career.

The Talent Program prepares you to actively participate in projects right from the start of your Tacton employment. During the two month program you will be introduced to our business and to our customers. Working for us gives you the opportunity to work with a variety of products in large manufacturing companies.

Our talent program is an exclusive, customized development program aimed at providing an overall understanding of our business and allowing you to grow into your role at Tacton. The emphasis is on giving you the tools, support and knowledge to learn on the job. Your workdays will be filled with project missions. You will learn how to handle complex situations and lots of challenging and fun projects.

One of the most significant initiatives in the Talent Program involves Tacton’s own employees: They are encouraged to act as tutors and mentors by helping our new colleagues progress in their careers.

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