Visual Configuration

Build the wow factor into your customer experience – and rev up your sales with interactive 3D visualization

Put your customers in the driver’s seat with 3D visualization. You’ll deliver a higher level of interaction, personalized insight and control throughout the buying process.

Add a new dimension to the sales experience

These days, customers expect a personalized buying experience. With the capabilities of Tacton's Visual Configuration software, you can now offer just that, even for complex B2B products and variants.

Let your customers view realistic images of the configurable product – and drag, drop, spin and swipe their way to a purchase. They can change features, options and dimensions, and watch how the product changes dynamically to accommodate their selections. They'll always know that their order is buildable and understand the form, function and cost.

Boost sales – and the trust of your customers

Stop waiting for back-office processes to generate visual sales deliverables. With just a few clicks, you can create the images and documents you need to make a sale.

Because customers can view and confirm product features, options and accessories in real time, you'll also cement a sense of partnership and inspire confidence in their buying decision.

Better upselling and cross-selling

Easy access to visual representations of high-margin accessories makes it easy for both new and seasoned sales reps to understand and explain complex products, and to up-sell or cross-sell.

Customers, too, will have an easier time understanding the products and accessories your company offers and giving instant feedback to the sales rep.

Improve sales enablement

Seeing is believing – and understanding.

With realistic 3D representations of your products, you build a better understanding of your product portfolio for your customers and your sales reps. You'll also shorten the learning curve for new sales reps.

Visualization helps reinforce a consistent buying experience, too. And it will enhance communication between engineering, sales and end customers.

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Solution Capabilities

  • Photorealistic 3D visualization in real time during the configuration process
  • Instant visual feedback after each configuration decision
  • Plugin-free 3D visualization in WebGL browsers
  • High-fidelity CGI assets
  • Technical 2D sketches with dimensions
  • Drag-and-drop for convenient interaction with the product during configuration
  • Docking points reduce the complexity of the visual logic
  • Clear documentation of the connection between configuration and visualization for easy handover and update
  • Easy update of visualization assets with direct reuse of the visual logic
  • Any web browser
  • Any tablet, such as iPad or Android
  • 3D configuration results in augmented or virtual reality applications, enabling a complete visual experience

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3D Visualization Products

3D Visualization for Tacton Extension for Salesforce CPQ

Automatically generate custom 3D product representations for your sales quotes directly from within Salesforce CPQ.

3D Visualization for Tacton CPQ

Every configuration step will lead to an immediate graphical result within the Tacton CPQ user interface. Enrich your Tacton CPQ quotation documents with an exact representation of the configuration.




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