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We create efficiency within technical projects

OMT offers solutions within engineering industries in the form of consulting services, technical equipment manufacturing, machine construction and property development. OMTs ethos and values ensure that we aim to exceed our customers’ expectations and to make all parties win.

We create efficiency in technical projects and operations, as well as function and availability. This by working with leadership, project management, consulting services and technology products to our customers, focusing on solutions and quality. At OMT, you have access to experience through selected and recommended colleagues. We work with a clear methodology to ensure quality of services, products, customer and employee satisfaction. Common sense, quality instead of quantity, businessman ship is the feature of our business.

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Simplus is a Platinum Salesforce Partner and provider of Quote-to-Cash implementations. We provide enterprise-wide digital transformation through advisory, implementation, change management, custom configuration, and managed services. Guided by the mantra, “success simplified,” we use leading cloud solutions to help companies achieve a strategic vision, improve performance, and increase value to stakeholders. With more than 2000 clients and a high customer satisfaction rating, Simplus helps companies improve, innovate, and grow.

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As the leading company in First Contact to Cash solutions, NNcourage delivers the best solutions of the Salesforce ecosystem to mid-sized and large global operating enterprises. The company has a proven track record of successful implementations of Salesforce CPQ in different types of organizations. Together with Tacton, NNcourage can now also offer their unique First Contact to Cash solution to the manufacturing industry, all based on Salesforce.


“Our mission is to help you profit from the power of Cloud Computing. We support and encourage you to start using “Cloud Enabled” information systems that will make your customers happy.”



Vanenburg Software

Business environments get more complex every day – that’s the reality for every company. We believe that reshaping Customer Experience, Operational Excellence and Business models with the best Platform is key to be relevant and profitable. Companies should improve continuously with the speed of light while respecting past investments. Join the transformation journey and become a Digital Enterprise.

As a Tacton partner, Vanenburg delivers Tacton CPQ products to manufacturing companies throughout Europe, enabling digital transformation throughout their organizations. With over 30 years in the enterprise software market, Vanenburg’s experienced team ensures a smooth and successful implementation – every time.

Vanenburg Software is an independent software and services organization which delivers cloud solutions and apps for both large and small enterprises. The company’s expertise helps manufacturing companies increase customer experience, operational efficiency and redesign business models. This includes unique industry-specific capabilities, and create a favorable environment for addressing and identifying their next competitive advantage and be ahead of the market.

This systemic approach to software implementation places Vanenburg at the heart of the manufacturing industry’s digital transformation. By offering disruptive solutions and leveraging platforms, the company effectively helps organizations realize it is more efficient, faster and more economical to change, differentiate and innovate their digital processes.

Key customers include: Valeo, Airties, Fokker, Nikon, eVerbinding and Enza Seeds.



Fluido is a rapidly expanding Nordic systems integrator focusing solely on related solutions. We offer consulting and systems integration services for the Tacton CPQ for Salesforce product.

The solution makes it simpler for manufacturers to sell complex products, and ensures that the entire organization is focused on closing deals. Built directly on the Salesforce platform, Tacton CPQ for Salesforce connects sales and engineering processes to provide a superior customer experience whilst also eliminating costly order errors.

Since 2010, the Fluido team has worked with over 300 organizations. Our customers include KONE Corporation, The Switch, Dinair and Stokke. Our customers appreciate our ability to challenge them on their journey to becoming customer value driven.  We always utilise agile and iterative methods, this ensures rapid results and minimizes risks during the journey to success.

Headquartered in Espoo, Finland we also have offices in Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Banska Bystrica. Fluido is the only authorized training delivery partner in the Nordic countries.

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Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc.

MRI is a leading research and consulting firm that through integrated interdisciplinary knowledge, provides research and consulting services in a wide range of areas. From economy and industry to social systems, energy, environment, science and technology as well as IT solutions to government and commercial clients. MRI engages daily in projects with several Japanese manufacturing companies.

Tacton is key in MRI’s initiative to provide consulting services aiming at mass customization in the Japanese manufacturing industry.

By placing Tacton CPQ as a key door-opener for business change consulting services, MRI provides implementation methodology, configuration modeling and training services for Tacton software. As a strategic alliance partner with Tacton, MRI cooperates with Tacton’s resellers in the Japanese market.

MRI has investigated and highly values the benefits delivered by Tacton CPQ, such as uncovering customers’ value drivers, continual post-sales improvement of customer value and promoting the transition to mass-customization. MRI has developed and provides a methodology for CPQ implementation that consists of management innovation, educational enablement and various consulting services to enable customers to realize the benefits that Tacton CPQ can bring.


For more than a decade, eSpline has been a leading expert in the field of SAP configuration. The company specializes in the implementation and deployment of SAP product configuration technology for businesses using SAP as their core business application. eSpline provides full integration of its powerful SAP Variant Configurator (SAP VC) conversion tools to Tacton CPQ.

Thanks to Tacton’s partnership with eSpline, Tacton’s SAP Variant Configurator users are able to continue editing and executing their design rules in SAP VC and replicate this functionality in Tacton CPQ. The mix of Tacton and eSpline ensures coordination of the design and sales processes. This enables accurate and compatible quotes and orders that support sales and the manufacturing process.

With eSpline, Tacton can deliver SAP VC conversion as a complete solution, including implementation and support. Tacton can offer its customers a CPQ solution to support and enhance the sales process that fully matches the demands of the SAP ERP community and the critical business processes that SAP VC provides, without sacrificing its capabilities.

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symetri addnode group

With over 300 skilled employees and 100,000 daily users across Northern Europe, we provide our clients with expert guidance covering everything from design and sales automation to 3D modelling and simulation to Product Lifecycle Management.

Many of our solutions follow the principles of LEAN, and the benefits include lower development and production costs, a reduction in materials used, and shorter time to market, not to mention leaving more room for creativity and better end results.

Symetri is 100% owned by Addnode Group.

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c+e forum

With headquarters in Pratteln and branches in Eastern, Central and Western Switzerland, we guarantee customer proximity and system partnerships that are long-term and based on trust.

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