Smart, AI-powered CPQ drives sales efficiency

Whether you’re selling packaging lines, heavy equipment, or any other complex product, you’ll know the effort it takes to put together a custom quotation. And despite your best efforts, far from perfect proposals still go out to customers. Tacton uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques along with a unique approach to product modelling to solve the most challenging configuration problems. The software ensures that you present your best and most competitive offer to the customer - every time.

Not all configuration engines are created equal

The complexity of your product portfolio is never a limiting factor with Tacton. The configurator uses Artificial Intelligence techniques to determine what's important and what's not, as it searches all potential solutions for the optimal configuration. And it's fast! Within a matter of seconds, your sales reps can convert a set of customer requirements into a custom quotation.

Real-time, intelligent guidance for your sales reps

Imagine a CPQ tool that guides the rep through the configuration and automatically checks and validates all possible combinations for every choice that's made. If a selection leads to a conflict anywhere else, you’re immediately notified and presented with the best possible alternative. This means that no errors are made and that the optimal solution is always found.

Reduce the complexity… and total cost of ownership

Manufacturers with complex products or large numbers of product variants often struggle to find a suitable CPQ solution. Because the task of maintaining product data and configuration rules often grows exponentially with complexity, most CPQ systems simply aren't up to the job.

Tacton utilizes state-of-the-art AI techniques that enable all manufacturers to both manage and sell their products effectively. By dramatically reducing the number of configuration rules, Tacton makes it much easier and quicker to build, validate and maintain product models. This ensures lower cost of ownership and faster time to market for your products.

Sicco Saft - CRM Manager at Meyn

“We wanted to define a customer’s requirement and for that requirement to filter through to all areas it affected automatically.

We wanted the configurator do the thinking for us and that is exactly what Tacton provided us with.”