The fourth industrial revolution

Download this report and learn how manufacturers are responding to smart manufacturing initiatives

Industry 4.0 is commonly referred to as the fourth industrial revolution which is powered by new technologies that enable automation and data exchange. It includes cyber-physical systems, IOT, cloud computing, and cognitive computing.  

The manufacturing industry has talked about Industry 4.0 for many years, but have companies started to realize the potential of the new technologies? In our latest survey, we asked 100 large and mid-sized manufacturers worldwide, if they are ready for the fourth industrial revolution – and got some surprising answers. 

A few highlights from the report are:

  • 40% of respondents are concerned with “lack of technical skills”
  • 21% believes Industry 4.0/Smart manufacturing topics are understood very well in their organization and they have a smart manufacturing strategy in place while 41% believes that there is an awareness but there is a need for better understanding

Download the report here to find out the results.