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HOT TAKE: It’s Time to Embrace CPQ Integrations

It can be scary to embrace CPQ integrations, but now is the time to start the journey

When I speak with our customers, the terms ‘smooth integrations’ and ‘powerful integrations’ get mentioned frequently. In a lot of cases, I can almost hear a tremble in their voice when they say it because they’re unsure if it’s possible or even okay to mention. After years and years of homegrown, on-prem, and software implementations– often coming from multiple acquisitions and various initiatives from different business units, many global organizations have had failed integration projects. 

We all know that customers’ expectations have evolved to a point where they want to research and shop anywhere, anytime, and through any channel. Meeting the expectations requires personalized buying experiences that aren’t possible without connecting systems to leverage data and analytics. Digital business models are not a luxury, they are a necessity. For any business to be successful, they must embrace integrations to connect the front, middle, and back-office systems. The good news is that it doesn’t need to scare you– it should excite you. 

Over the last decade, we have seen an epic shift from on-premise to cloud SaaS solutions as digital transformations have played out. As more and more enterprise organizations implement transformative technologies, the promise of automating workflows and delivering on customer experience can appear unkempt. This is where the power of integrations must be leveraged to connect your systems and create a single view of data that enables you to connect your processes and systems in a meaningful way. When properly integrating systems, you can quickly and easily leverage data from all your sources. 

Integrations are the key component to accelerating innovation, automating manual processes, meeting customer expectations, and creating a truly data-driven ecosystem. When I speak with our customers, this is the end game of their digital transformation. And the digital transformation efforts have accelerated rapidly in the past year.  It doesn’t matter the industry or vertical– they all say the same thing: we’ve made investments to transform our processes, we have an abundance of data from all our systems but aren’t sure if they are leveraging it properly for our own efficiency and truly delivering to our customers.  

Just how fast has digital transformation accelerated in the past year? Check out this and more in our recent manufacturing survey!

There is so much data from so many systems, how can we harness it? 

The wealth of data across these investments is absolutely critical to operating at an optimal level and delivering an industry-leading customer experience. If you don’t connect all of these critical systems, you will continue to be disconnected from department and data silos. You will continue to be removed from your customers as they interact through your partners, online, and in a direct manner. 

This is where Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software fits in. There is no way to sell highly customized products across channels without CPQ. We all know selling highly customized products is essential to your business model. If you do not connect your digital investments with the right CPQ software, you will continue to be disjointed and struggle to connect your end-to-end process… and of course, deliver on customer experience. 

By implementing a CPQ integrated into your business-critical systems, you ensure your customers, sales, and partners are empowered to generate accurate quotes when selling hardware, software, services, and add-on accessories. Thanks to Guided Selling, CPQ enables anyone, with or without technical knowledge, to experience a data-driven experience in configuring customized products with 100% accuracy. 

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Empower your customers through self-service channels 

The benefit to extending this fully integrated solution to your customers means they can begin the configuration process online through your website. With the proper CPQ, you can often make the product, configuration recommendations, and add-on recommendations– all based on the data you have collected and turned into meaningful intelligence. With CPQ integrated into your website, you ensure you give your customers the self-service channel they want while ensuring your most complicated sales come into your teams as a hot lead. 

Extend your sales tools to your partner network for additional growth 

Most of our customers and many other global manufacturers have partners and distributors that are essential to their business model. The downside is many do not have the business capabilities to invest in tools and rely heavily on the manufacturers they are selling for. With CPQ, you can extend the same tools and data out to your partner network and give yourself the ability to get closer to your customers. Additionally, we know any partner salesperson is going to go the path of least resistance when selling products. If yours is quick, easy, and positioned to deliver what their customer needs– they’ll likely choose you. 

Check out how our customer Pelco is enabling their partners to do more. Get the full video here

 Enable the data-driven decision making you need to be efficient, govern your product offering, and increase your top-line growth 

Whether your goal is supply chain optimization, governing your product offering, extending tools to partners and customers, making product recommendations in the configuration process, or increasing add-on sales, embracing CPQ integrations is the only way you can gather the data needed to make intelligent and meaningful actions. Check out the importance of a multidimensional approach to digital transformation is critical. Focusing on internal processes can lead to a better customer experience. 

When integrating CPQ at the center of your business operations, you can truly become customer-centric and build the intelligent business model that was the initial promise of your digital transformation and Industry 4. So, let’s all agree, it’s time to stop fearing integrations and start embracing them! 

Tacton has a history of embracing CPQ integrations to business-critical systems 

Tacton has a robust team of integration specialists that have over 20 years of integration into the most complex systems including on-prem, homegrown, and software. We work with the top manufacturers in the world to put CPQ at the center of their selling process to ensure they have the data and intelligence to optimize their operations, build sustainable growth, and get closer to their customers. We’re not afraid to say we can integrate into anything


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Why is the Tacton and Intershop Partnership Important to Manufacturers?

Tacton and intershop partnership

If you missed the latest news, Tacton and Intershop have partnered together to provide an end-to-end  B2B eCommerce buying experience for manufacturing customersOffering a truly omnichannel experience for buyers can make a difference with scarce customer demand on the market. Let’s look at how the Tacton and Intershop partnership can enable you to do more with less. Let’s start with a quick introduction to both companies. 

Who is Tacton? 

For over 20 years, Tacton has worked closely with manufacturers to navigate accelerating sales and improving operational efficiency when selling highly configurable products using Configure, Price, Quote and Visual Configuration software. CPQ software enables users to utilize self-service, guided (and remote) selling to accurately configure complex products and services for prospective customers quickly and accurately.   

Visualization helps customers see how their products will fit into their unique space, while also showing how each product feature interacts with one another. Finally, Design Automation enables engineering teams to ensure detailed 2D and 3D designs of configured products straight from your CAD system are correct. Reduce order errors, automatically generate configuration-specific drawings and manufacturing information for a seamless sales process. 

Who is Intershop? 

Intershop is an eCommerce solution provider that enables manufacturers and more to deal with the challenges of the new buying journey. For over 25 years Intershop has advised and supported companies in their digital transformation journeys by optimizing productivity and customer value.  

Intershop empowers manufacturing and wholesale companies to grow in a digital-first world by building unique digital commerce solutions. Servicing 300+ B2B customers around the world, Intershop’s cloud-based commerce technology has a proven track record of successfully digitalizing businesses with platform as reliable and future-ready foundation. 

Tacton and Intershop a partnership for a connected journey  

Now that you have a little more information about each company, we can discuss why this partnership is so important for manufacturers. While eCommerce has changed the buying journey for many industries, manufacturing has lagged due to high product complexity. Customers also expect a B2C like journey, one where they can quickly research and buy products without any contact with a sales team.  

Now working with Tacton and Intershop it’s easier for manufacturers to give a B2C-like buying experience for their customers. Setting up a product configurator directly onto a website will enable customers to quickly configure their unique product with stunning visuals included. With self-service included the customer can quickly bring items into the shopping cart provided by Intershop.  

This connected process will ensure quick, accurate and speedy buying like manufacturers have dreamed about. Enabling customers to buy on their own time will keep your teams closing deals fast while still working closely with offline buyers.  

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Digital transformation starts online 

In closing, the buying journey is more difficult than ever. 74% of industrial buyers now research at least half of their purchases online (Accenture)With numbers like that its time manufacturers make it easier for their customers to buy products. While it sounds difficult, a strategic investment with Tacton and Intershop can lead to success even in the most difficult markets.  

With Tacton and Intershop, manufacturers can now deliver a full end-to-end digital commerce experience for customers buying highly customizable products. Ready to see it for yourself? Schedule your personalized demo today.

Watch the full demo Intershop & Tacton demo here: 

How does Salesforce CPQ compare to Tacton CPQ for Salesforce?

Why CPQ? What is CPQ?

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software platforms help manufacturers use self-service, guided (and remoteselling to accurately configure complex products and services for prospective customers. CPQ solutions help manufacturers ensure correct pricing, deliver personalized and highly customized quotes, and massively accelerate the time it takes a salesperson to create a proposal using spreadsheets. Time-consuming back and forth approval sessions between the customer, the engineering team and the sales team are also minimized. 

What are the benefits of CPQ?  

Manufacturing companies that do not use CPQ solutions typically respond slower to bid requests and have more quotation errors.  

By implementing CPQ, manufacturers transform slow, complex, error-prone processes into fast, simple and 100% accurate experiences. CPQ ROI is significant. Quotes are sent faster, each order is configured correctly, and sellers stop wasting time waiting for approvals from engineering. 

What industries use Tacton CPQ? 

Tacton CPQ is used by all types of manufacturing companies. Tacton case studies range from robust configurators for robotics and heavy vehicles and other types of products including truck cabs, elevators, machinery, and Medtech. 

Tacton CPQ works with Salesforce. What are the differences between Salesforce and Tacton CPQ? 

Salesforce CPQ and Tacton CPQ are different platforms when evaluating CPQ platforms for manufacturing, there are several considerations that must be taken into account.   

First, Tacton Smart Commerce CPQ solution for Manufacturers extends Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud (CRM) with powerful capabilities that make selling custom manufactured products easy. Developed specifically for the manufacturing industry, Tacton helps the sales organization configure and price even the most complex products and generate accurate quotations. 

Tacton is uniquely positioned to solve configuration challenges for highly customizable products due to our 20+ years of manufacturing expertise. Our solution uses a constraints-based rule engine combined with AI to ensure that anyone can configure a buildable product—no matter the complexity. This unique capability enables Tacton to stand out as the best solution for manufacturers. 

CPQ market size:

According to analyst firm Gartner, “In 2018, the CPQ market grew by 12.4% to an estimated $1.2 billion.” (Gartner).  Both Salesforce CPQ and Tacton CPQ for Salesforce have appeared in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Configure, Price, and Quote Application Suites.   

cpq magic quadrant

[“This graphic was published by Gartner, Inc. as part of a larger research document and should be evaluated in the context of the entire document. The Gartner document is available upon request from Tacton.” 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Configure, Price, and Quote Application Suites. Mark Lewis, Christina Klock] 

Get the full Gartner Report here:

Why does being named a visionary matter?

For us at Tacton, being named a Visionary comes from our understanding of the manufacturing industry from over twenty years’ experience. In addition to our manufacturing expertise, we’ve grown our innovative capabilities in visual configuration.   

We believe making the Magic Quadrant affirms the great relationships and learnings we’ve had with the top manufacturers in the world.  Manufacturing is changing rapidly, customers demand a B2B buying journey that mirrors their daily purchases. From engaging visuals to 100% accurate quotes, customers won’t tolerate errors in their products.  

Tacton CPQ for Salesforce manufacturing and sales cloud features and benefits:

CAD/Visualization and Augmented Reality (AR)  

Tacton’s visual configurator let’s you and your customer configure products in the most intuitive way imaginable. Drag and drop options and features, change dimensions and project your product in the real world with AR – you can do it all.  

Improve selling processes:

For complex manufactured products, Tacton helps your sales team position the offering that has the best chance of winning the deal. Tacton’s Configure/Price/Quote solution goes beyond traditional guided selling. Tacton captures the customer’s usage and commercial needs, and the configuration engine does the rest. Everything is taken into account – your latest product and pricing updates, local regulations, as well as your margin requirements. The software can find the solution that best matches the customer’s needs and your business goals. With advanced pricing models and built-in approval workflows, your team will position and sell the right product at the right price – every time. 

Accurate, high-quality proposals with supporting documentation are generated automatically. This speeds up the quotation process dramatically, keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

Connect sales and engineering by eliminating order errors:

With Tacton Smart Commerce, you can automate the entire sales engineering process. The configurator validates the complete solution after each selection, ensuring 100% correct Bill-of-Materials (BOM). This connects sales and manufacturing, ensuring that they are always in sync, and removing error-prone information handovers.

Solve complex configuration challenges:

Tacton provides a powerful, constraint-based configuration engine, built to handle complex configuration challenges. The complexity of your product portfolio will never be a limiting factor in implementation.  

Tacton’s CPQ for Salesforce provides constraint-based configuration. This means dramatically fewer rules. A highly scalable – stateless configuration engine handles complex models and high user loads and then validates the complete solution after each selection.  

CPQ support for multiple quoting and pricing models

Tacton CPQ for manufacturing generates branded proposals and supporting documents – user manuals, BOMs, product sheets. It also supports complex pricing models with multiple price lists, currencies and pricing factors  

CPQ for eCommerce and omnichannel experiences:

B2B customers expect B2C omnichannel experiences. Your customers want the same experience on your website as they get with Nike Shoes, or Mercedes Benz car customization configurators. With Tacton CPQ you can build those experiences on your website with a public configurator. This same level of customization also means you can embed the configurator on your partner/reseller/dealer websites as well.  

Out-of-the-box CAD + CPQ Automation:

Tacton CPQ works with SOLIDWORKS®, Inventor®, and Creo®  

Out-of-the-box ERP integration:

Tacton CPQ also provides a robust CPQ integration with SAP ERP® and other ERP, PLM, PIM platforms. 

Tacton CPQ and Salesforce AppExchange:

Tacton CPQ is available on the AppExchange:

With Tacton CPQ, your customers can design and customize your product quickly and accurately.  They can see the product take shape in real-time as you move through the configuration. BOMs and pricing are also updated with each selection and custom quotations are generated at the push of a button.

Available on the Salesforce AppExchange, Tacton CPQ for Salesforce includes the following capabilities:

  • AI-powered CPQ drives sales & efficiency
  • Real-time, intelligent guidance provides the ideal support for your sales reps
  • Enable sales across markets & borders with multiple languages & currencies
  • Impress customers with Visual Configuration and AR
  • CAD drawings at the click of a button (for SOLIDWORKS®, Creo® or Inventor®)
  • Automatically updates Salesforce with quote and order information
  • CPQ and approval workflow apps for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
  • Send, manage and sync orders with SAP® ERP
  • Robust web service APIs

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Tacton Smart Commerce eBook 

Visual Configuration eBook 

Tacton CPQ integration to  

Give Your Integrations a Powerful Teammate with CPQ  

CPQ integrations

CPQ Integrations with your CRM, ERP and PLM can change how you do business

Your business and your favorite sports team have more in common than you would think. For example, would you want to have a team of role players combined with one superstar, or one great player and a few inefficient ones? If you’re anything like me you’d like a team that works in unison to achieve a goal instead of wasting your time waiting for inefficient players to change. Integrations may be the teammate you’ve been looking for. 

That begs the question, why would you have inefficient processes in your manufacturing operations? Having accurate configurations and quoting are critical for the bottom line of your business which makes accuracy critical to your success. This makes it important to have all your systems integrate seamlessly within one another to maximize success, profit and customer experience 

Every System Plays a Role 

Keeping that idea of team play when it comes to your business integrations is a great way to demonstrate how having a harmonious flow of data and information can help in so many ways. Your CRM system (Dynamics 365, Salesforce, SAPis a great way to understand your interactions with potential customers, but it can only do so much when it comes to creating your product for them. Your ERP (SAP) also plays a part in how you sell your products. Sending your expected product to an ERP system for final review can be a tricky process when configuring and quoting complex products. This is where the ball gets dropped and the inefficient player shines with items such as spreadsheets with customer data and product information.  

As you know, spreadsheets are messy and can lead to incorrect versions and lost data. Not to mention human error and inefficient processes can cost your company time and money. Your CRM and ERP systems aren’t going anywhere don’t worry, it’s time to look at how to better optimize them to maximize how you sell your product.  That’s why it’s time to consider pairing your CRM and ERP with a new teammate, CPQ.  

Manufacturers that fail to invest in digital commerce will lose deals to competitors.

Making the move to CPQ does not need to be complicated. Tacton CPQ for manufacturing makes it easy with integrations to leading platforms including SAP, Sales and Manufacturing Clouds, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Sales Cloud, and other ecosystems with an open API:

  • Tacton Smart Commerce extends Salesforce with capabilities that make configuring and selling custom products easier than ever. Offered through AppExchange, Tacton CPQ for Salesforce integrates your customers’ data into Salesforce. Developed specifically for the manufacturing industry, Tacton helps your sales team to configure, price and quote with 100% accuracy.
  • Tacton Smart Commerce CPQ integrations with Microsoft Dynamics and simplifies manufacturers’ unique workflows. Enable a frictionless buying experience for your customers by allowing your sales team to deliver the optimal quote every time.
  • Tacton integrates with the tools you use to run your business, whether it’s SAP C4C or Oracle Sales Cloud, we integrate seamlessly into any CRM or ERP system. Tacton’s CPQ integrations make it easy for you to connect your digital business initiatives with the tools you already use.
  • Tacton Smart Commerce for SAP ECC and VC integrates your data by eliminating manual maintenance, syncing data across your systems, automatically aligning configurations and quotes, creating a simplified, personalized buying experience for your customers, closing complex deals faster. Tacton offers out of the box integrations to SAP ECC and VC. Additionally, our open API enables integrations into any SAP system.

Let CPQ be Your Data Superstar 

Pairing your CRM and ERP systems with integration to CPQ combines teammates that can help your business thrive internally and when preparing quotes for customers. Instead of doubling your team’s workload by entering data in two different places, keep all your master data in one spot. That even includes updates to product portfolios and new pricing! By pairing your systems with a CPQ you can remove human error and ensure your sales team confidence that they are using the right data, every time.  

Ensuring your integrations run smoothly can change how you do business, so what are you waiting for? Team up your CRM and ERP systems with Tacton CPQ and watch the wins pile up while you leave the competition in the dust!