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Latest CPQ

Engineers vs Salespeople

Not too long ago, we worked with a wood panel manufacturer. They lacked a smooth, well-functioning process between two crucial departments – sales and engineering. Here’s a typical conversation, to give you a feel for the kinds of problems they dealt with. Maybe you’ll recognize it:   Salesman: Yesterday’s meeting with Wood Panel Professionals went […]
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Are jaw-dropping order error rates the norm?

Surprisingly, the answer seems to be yes. The fundamental problem is disconnected information flows, and the potential for improvement is so big that few companies can afford to ignore it.
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Enabling the company that enables factories of the future

Yaskawa is at the forefront of the smart manufacturing revolution – its products equipping the factories of the future. Learn how Tacton enables the company for the future in this success story.
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How to price your product or service

How do successful companies work with pricing? How do they understand the value they deliver? Two things: IoT and a careful study of their customers. Only then can they see how their product adds value - a crucial first step away from standardized pricing.
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Supercharge your CPQ with a constraint solver

What is a constraint solver and how can it improve your configurations, your CPQ, and ultimately your business? Read this explanatory post and discover the magic of constraints.
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