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Latest CPQ

Create a superior customer experience with smarter CPQ

Vendors today cannot focus only on selling their products. They must also offer a good buying experience. But how do you achieve this? Read on to learn how a CPQ solution can help you sell smarter and give your customers an experience that will earn you their trust.
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How CPQ helps you leverage your “black box” data

Data is what makes the digital world go round. But the question is not whether you have data, but if you use it. Manufacturing companies often require a tool that can effectively handle, analyze and leverage their huge amounts of data - which can be a complicated business. The tool that helps ease their pain is often a smarter CPQ solution. Read on to learn how CPQ can help you leverage the data you hold and power your Industry 4.0 efforts.
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How CPQ could help optimize all teams for the FIFA World Cup

What if there was a way to optimize your national soccer team? Well, technically speaking, you could. With the logic from a CPQ solution, you could maximize your first XI to make the most of each player's unique skill set.
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Are you asking your customers to buy blindly? How visual configuration drives sales efficiency for smart manufacturers

You would never buy a customized Tesla without knowing what it looked like, right? As hard as it might be to believe, this is actually common for many other customized products. Read this blog post on why visual configuration is such a key component of your Industry 4.0 sales toolbox.
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Eliminating the complexity of customization

In this third and last part of our blog series on efficient customization, Dr. Klas Orsvärn explains why seeing CPQ as only a sales efficiency tool fails to address the underlying complexity of customization - and how the right CPQ can eliminate this complexity altogether.
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