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[Infographic] 3 MedTech Device Manufacturing Challenges

With so many factors going into manufacturing medical devices it’s critical to find a solution that streamlines processes. With Tacton Smart Commerce it’s possible to make the lives of your engineers and sales teams easier by connecting processes. As a result, we’ve put together this infographic for you: Ready to take your operations to the […]
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Quick…are you selling products or solving customer problems?

A sales tool that can offer solutions to your customers' problems, rather than another standard product, can make or break your competitiveness. Read how Vencomatic did it here...
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Are you smart like Einstein? Can you solve this logic puzzle?

Do you like solving logic puzzles? Great! So do we and we would like to give you a challenge today. You may recognize this classic puzzle, The Einstein Riddle, as it sometimes appears in the quiz section of newspapers etc. It is often claimed that Einstein came up with this puzzle and has said only 2% of the […]
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What do ERP and BOM have in common?

Know your ABCs of Manufacturing Sales Software (ep.3)

Whether you are new to manufacturing, sales (or both), or you are simply having trouble keeping up with all the different types of software solutions available, we’ve created this series of posts to help get familiar with the lingo.
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Buyers journey

Bridging the Uncertainty Gap

Your customers, by the time they contact you for the first time, have already completed 57% of the buying journey. They already have a good idea of what they want. Whether you believe this or not, there is one thing you can do to ensure that you remain the front runner.
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