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What do ERP and BOM have in common?

Know your ABCs of Manufacturing Sales Software (ep.3)

Whether you are new to manufacturing, sales (or both), or you are simply having trouble keeping up with all the different types of software solutions available, we’ve created this series of posts to help get familiar with the lingo.
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Buyers journey

Bridging the Uncertainty Gap

Your customers, by the time they contact you for the first time, have already completed 57% of the buying journey. They already have a good idea of what they want. Whether you believe this or not, there is one thing you can do to ensure that you remain the front runner.
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10 reasons why you need CPQ

10 Reasons why your company needs a CPQ

CPQ is indispensable to remain competitive in today’s B2B commerce landscape. But how do you know if CPQ is right for your organization? To answer this, we came up with the most common reasons why you should consider getting a CPQ.  
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Expert Series: 3 Ways to Remain Competitive in the Production Lines and Packaging sector

To understand the packaging and production line industry better, we sought the expert opinion of Tacton’s Chief Product Officer, Nils Olsson. Nils shares with us the 3 keys that salespeople can learn to remain competitive in this industry.
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Josef and Milan from Piab

Interview: Using AR for Selling at Manufacturing Tradeshows

Giving your visitors the ability to explore your latest products with an AR experience is always a good way of breaking through the noise at crowded tradeshows. Piab, an early adopter of technology, understands this very well. They were more than glad to share their experience of using AR at the 2019 Hannover Messe (HM19).
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