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Integrations with CPQ

Give Your Integrations a Powerful Teammate with CPQ  

Your business and your favorite sports team have more in common than you would think. For example, would you want to have a team of role players combined with one superstar, or one great player and a few inefficient ones? If you’re anything like me you’d like a team that works in unison to achieve […]
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omnichannel manufacturing

What does an Omnichannel Manufacturing Experience Look Like?

Putting the customer at the heart of the sales process sounds like an easy thing to do right? Many companies have different ways to reach their buyers but still fail to make successful impressions on them. This is a common occurrence in the manufacturing industry where complex products are sold daily in a mostly in-person […]
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3D visual configuration

Outsell Your Competition with Visual Configuration and AR

Your company must go beyond B2B sales and use technology that allows for an omnichannel, self-service experience.  A new and exciting way to quickly showcase your products is to use visual configuration solutions. 
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quoting at speed

Why Quoting Speed Matters

At Tacton, we help our customers deliver “fast, error-free quotes” at a fraction of the time of traditional means. We do this because we understand that speed matters, especially during complex B2B sales cycles. Read more about it here.
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