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Tacton Smart Commerce Summit – Spring 2021 Q&A

Recently we hosted our annual Smart Commerce Summit with guest speakers from Accenture, nVent, and Plus PackWith a record number of attendants, we were not able to answer all the great questions live, so we’ve compiled the rest into this short blog. Check out some of the answers and check out the recording of the webinar if you missed it!  

How could price optimization work in a B2B selling situation especially for engineered to order products? 

We have information about price adjustments that are made in Tacton CPQ, for segments of customers in different markets. This info can be sent to a price analyzing tool that will analyze data that will create price segmentation output that can be used in CPQ for future deals. 

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I’d like to explore the meaning of a complex sale. Is it related only to complex pricing rules or can it be prepared for complex and flexible products, that require partial customization? Could these new tools around CPQ include the PLM? 

Tacton CPQ allows you to have complex, or simple pricing rules all in the same setup, built for configurable price execution. This is of course the pricing engine in our CPQ. The configuration part is built for high-variance manufacturing products. You can allow for partial or full customization within CPQ. The product data usually comes from a PLM solution integrated seamlessly with Tacton CPQ. CPQ would be responsible for logic, PLM would give the product data with all features and attributes that describe the items as part of the product.  

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Why do you need a specific, dedicated CPQ system? Doesn’t an integrated CRM solution like Salesforce, Oracle, SAP… provide the same capabilities? 

Tacton CPQ offers a more optimized way to manage the product variance and configuration logic. The CRM solutions usually have a lightweight CPQ functionality that allows them to have somewhat simple configuration problems that can be solved. With Tacton there is no limit on the product variance that can be maintained and optimized. We’re also built with manufacturing in mind, with the experience we’ve been named a visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for CPQ for manufacturing for 2 consecutive years 

For companies new to eCommerce: what comes first: ERP/CPQ or having an eCommerce system first and then enhance with CPQ features? 

In our experience, many of our customers come to us with an ERP system already in place. Integrating to CPQ is the next step, then beginning the process of creating an eCommerce journey by connecting those two processes. Check out just how much the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the eCommerce boom:

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Why choose Tacton for quoting and not Salesforce when Salesforce is a core tool in Sales management?  

Salesforce CPQ and Tacton CPQ are different platforms when evaluating CPQ platforms for manufacturing, there are several considerations that must be taken into account.    

First, Tacton’s CPQ solution for Manufacturers extends Salesforce (CRM) with powerful capabilities that make selling custom manufactured products easy. Developed specifically for the manufacturing industry, our CPQ helps the sales organization configure and price even the most complex products and generate accurate quotations. Tacton is uniquely positioned to solve configuration challenges for highly customizable products due to our 20+ years of manufacturing expertise. Our solution uses a constraints-based rule engine combined with AI to ensure that anyone can configure a buildable product—no matter the complexity. This unique capability enables Tacton to stand out as the best solution for manufacturers. 

If you missed the webinar, check out our great speakers or schedule your demo today!

Tacton Smart Commerce Summit 2021: What to Expect

Are you ready to hear how top manufacturers kicked off their digital transformation efforts with Tacton at our Smart Commerce Summit?

Transformation is the talk of the industry as we navigate a new way of working in the past year. That’s why we’re hosting our annual Smart Commerce Online Summit Thursday, May 6, 2021, 15:30 PM – 17:00 PM CET | 08:30 AM – 10:00 AM CDTWe’re talking with some of our partners and customers on hot topics across the manufacturing industry. With all this excitement around the event, we wanted to give you a primer on what we’re talking about and a preview of our guest speakers!

What to expect at the Smart Commerce Summit

We’ve learned a lot of lessons from the last year of new challenges and hurdles. Digital transformation was on the to-do list for many manufacturers but was quickly accelerated. Just how quickly has it accelerated? When we asked manufacturers about the transformation efforts they noted:

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With just about 30% of respondents noting that they have accelerated efforts, it’s time to weigh your options for long-term success and sustainability. As one respondent noted, “It is all about customer experience in our industry, we need to make it easy for the next generation of entrepreneurs. We need to create value together with our customers and partners.” With that in mind, we wanted to bring a new panel of guests together to discuss the changes they’ve seen and where they’re heading in 2021 and beyond.

Who are our guests? 

Bo Gyldenvang, CEO, Tacton

Bo Gyldenvang is Tacton’s CEO. Prior to Tacton, he was most recently COO at Software AG Americas, leading enterprise integration and IoT software platform globally. Prior to this, he held management positions at software companies such as BMC Software and HP Software. Bo brings deep global enterprise software and services experience to Tacton leading our next growth phase.

Thomas Wrana, Senior Manager, Accenture

Thomas Wrana is a Senior Manager in our Munich Office in the management consulting division focusing on marketing, sales, and services topics and related digital strategies/implementation. He has over 15 years of experience in the field of industrial equipment, consumer electronics, professional lighting, and the automotive industry, including 7 years of consulting experience developing strategies and processes in CRM and marketing, sales, and pricing. He is a CPQ expert, starting from strategy up to implementation.

Bastian Fietje, Manager of Group Projects & IT, Plus Pack

Bastian Fietje is responsible for group IT and digitalization at Plus Pack, one of Europe’s most innovative food packaging companies. He is responsible for implementing Tacton CPQ, which is a crucial component of Plus Pack’s strategy: to become the preferred partner of customized and sustainable packaging solutions. Bastian has managed a broad range of strategy and digitalization projects within data analytics, Industry 4.0, B2B commerce, and customer relationship management. Both in Plus Pack, but also in many other organizations, as a former management consultant.

Read more here about how Tacton is helping enable sustainability at Plus Pack with CPQ 

Aaron Craig, Global Marketing Director, nVent

Aaron is a driven and results-oriented marketing professional with more than 15 years of experience leading cross-functional teams. He has a strong aptitude for taking a customer-first approach to creating an optimal customer experience from search thru fulfillment. This includes guided selling, Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) initiatives, and alignment of the product offering to customer demands, which ultimately creates a seamless and reliable experience for customers.


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Ready to sign up? Check out our previous Smart Commerce Summits to see our guests from Volvo, Siemens, Pelco, Intershop and more while you prep for the can’t miss CPQ event of the spring! 


The Smart Commerce Cheat Sheet

Smart Commerce Cheat Sheet

You remember those cheat sheets your teachers in high school and college would let you make for tests? The ones where you’d jam as many notes on the back as you possibly could. In the real-world, the anxiety of tests is replaced with trying to make work as easy as possible.  

Manufacturing isn’t an exception, with so many different trends, phrases and technologies it can be easy to get lost in the information overload. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a cheat sheet of our product offering, Smart Commerce, for you. And like those cheat sheets you used in class, we’ll keep everything to the point. 

So, what is Smart Commerce?  

Smart Commerce enables manufacturers to digitally transform their business in a smart, profitable way across the buying and selling cycle by improving internal operations and delivering an exceptional customer experience  

What are the stages of the buying journey?  

  • Search: Marketing and commercial leaders must make it easier for customers to find and build custom products online.  Make it easier for your team to get quality leads that convert. 
  • Buy- Commercial leaders must empower their customers to buy their customized product solutions on any channel they prefer. Let your customers shop any time with self-service or eCommerce. 
  • Deliver: Product and engineering leaders must deliver the right solution to the customer every time. Removing order errors from the engineering process, easier said than done with so much back and forth between teams. Don’t worry we’ll get to that solution 
  • Service: Customer success and service leaders must sell and service over the entire product lifecycle. Making sure the customer is happy with the product and create potential future upsells with existing customers and new prospects. 

What are the solutions that come with Tacton Smart Commerce?  

Tacton Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) – At the heart of Smart Commerce our CPQ enables 100% accurate quotes ensuring delivery of the right product, at the right price, at the right time, every time, accelerating your sales and enhancing the customer experience. 

Visual Configuration– Empower your customers to see and interact with their custom products in real-time in their unique environment giving them a more enjoyable buying process instead of leaving visualization to their imagination.  

CPQ Integrations– Drive business processes and leverage big data through integrations to Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and any ERP and solution you can think of for a frictionless buying experience for your customers and efficient quote process for your sales and engineering teams.  

Design Automation– Free up engineering to focus on innovation by automating design to sell custom products as fast as standard by eliminating costly design errors, order changes and repetitive tasks.  

CPQ Analytics– Leveraging data has never been more important, CPQ offers a wealth of data that can inform you on how your customers buy, which products sell and much more.  

Omnichannel Sales– Expand your offering online enabling customers to shop and buy when, where and how they choose, across channels. Utilize the power of CPQ online through website and eCommerce integrations to sell highly configurable products. 

The Spark Notes Version:

  • CPQ– Enable everyone on your team to respond to customer requests in a fast, efficient manner that eliminates potential errors and allows your team to maximize profit.  
  • Visual Configuration– Quit relying on text-based descriptions that bore your customer and your sales team and give them what they want real-time visuals. From the smallest detail to the biggest create an emotional attachment to the product your customer created themselves for an increased chance of closing the deal.  
  • CPQ Integrations Eliminate spreadsheets and double work by connecting to business-critical CRMs and ERPs to move fast on any customer request. 
  • Design Automation– Allow your engineers to do what they signed up for, innovating your products by eliminating repetitive tasks.  
  • CPQ Analytics– Quit giving discounts because you don’t understand your product portfolio.  
  • Omnichannel Sales– Sell anywhere, anytime with eCommerce and self-service options.

A cheat sheet is always helpful, but so is reading our definitive guide to Smart Commerce, The Manufacturers’ Guide to Smart CommerceManufacturing is always ready for new ideas and Smart Commerce offers the most effective way to transform your operations from the factory floor to the salesroom.  

If any of these topics sound interesting schedule your demo today and learn how you can get lightyears ahead of your competition with Smart Commerce.