Intelligent pricing – in minutes, not days

Tacton’s pricing software ensures that your sales channel is always selling at the right price – no matter how complicated your product catalog or pricing structure.

Tacton’s solution takes you beyond simple assemble-to-order pricing and allows for complex engineer-to-order pricing and quoting. Your sales team will be able to generate high-quality quotes with correct pricing in minutes – speeding up the sales process dramatically.

Pricing that’s not just correct – it’s optimal

Many pricing solutions can help you get a correct price. Tacton’s pricing configurator solution goes further by proactively offering the optimal price based on factors that you consider important. These can include highest margin, customer value, lowest price, or a weighted combination of these and other attributes.

Easy updating with no downtime

Because pricing is set up in Tacton’s admin interface, changes can be made quickly and easily – without help from IT. This means you can respond quickly to shifting market conditions with price adjustments, discounts and promotions. The changes are distributed automatically to your channel, so your sales reps will always have up-to-the-minute pricing information.

Price waterfall support helps keep profits flowing

If your company uses price waterfall analyses, then it’s able to identify, visualize and track each transaction that impacts price. Tacton’s pricing capabilities support this way of identifying opportunities for margin improvement.

You can customize user views and add columns with information like margin calculations, transfer price and cost. And you can set thresholds for discounting that trigger an escalation and approval process. This way, you prevent runaway discounting and protect your margins.

Pricing Solution Capabilities

  • Set your prices based on customer and market segment
  • No downtime when changing pricing structures
  • Optimize on any attribute such as price or margin
  • Manage pricing, discounts and promotions without the need for IT support
  • Automate a workflow for approvals based on price, customer or any other parameter
  • Optionally leverage your current external pricing solutions without having to replicate existing pricing structure

CPQ Pricing Products

Tacton CPQ for Salesforce®

Tacton CPQ for Salesforce complements Salesforce with powerful services so that your sales team can configure products and produce high-quality sales quotes including technical documentation, 3D drawings, pricing and bills of materials.

Tacton CPQ

Tacton CPQ enables your channels to quote more accurately, close deals faster, and speed time to delivery. No matter how complex your products or business, you can make it easy for customers to buy exactly what they want – from you.

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