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Create compelling quotes for complex products with speed, ease and certainty

Winning sales quotes in less time

With Tacton's quoting capabilities, you can generate a sales quote in a matter of minutes. At the click of a button, content is automatically assembled and visualized in a proposal. And because Tacton CPQ is mobile enabled, sales reps can prepare their sales quotes on the spot when meeting a customer and get approvals right on their cell phones.

With Tacton you can slash days off the sales cycle, leaving more time to fully focus on your customers.

Correct content, every time

Tacton's document generation ensures that the right content is added in the designated place at the right time. The quote is connected to all applicable content sources and the product configuration. Based on your customer's preferences and the product configuration, perfect proposal documents are automatically built.

When content is updated, the document creation will work with the updated data. Never maintain content in multiple locations again.

Ensure consistency and compliance

Use templates with your company's approved branding to ensure a consistent message and produce professional-looking documents, regardless of channel. Depending on your company’s policies, you can allow sales reps to customize parts of the sales quote for a more personal touch.

When you use marketing-approved layouts and disclaimers in your quotes, you ensure that the sales reps follow your brand and legal standards. And you inspire confidence in your customers.

Quoting Solution Capabilities

  • Use full revision history so users can track, browse and re-use quotations
  • Work with several open quotes in parallel
  • Support collaborative selling with role-based user capabilities
  • Create "rich” proposals using state-of-the-art document generation
  • Generate and include 3D-drawings via direct links to CAD
  • Gain a workflow for the entire quotation lifecycle
  • Maintain customer information directly in Tacton, or through CRM integration
  • Create proposal documents in any language

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CPQ Pricing Products

Tacton CPQ for Salesforce®

Tacton CPQ for Salesforce complements Salesforce with powerful services so that your sales team can configure products and produce high-quality sales quotes including technical documentation, 3D drawings, pricing and bills of materials.

Tacton CPQ

Tacton CPQ enables your channels to quote more accurately, close deals faster, and speed time to delivery. No matter how complex your products or business, you can make it easy for customers to buy exactly what they want – from you.


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