Capture the knowledge of your best product experts

The powerful configuration engine in Tacton’s sales configuration solution captures the knowledge of your best product specialists and makes that knowledge available to your entire sales team. Even newly hired sales reps, dealers and partners will be able to quickly offer the optimal solution.

Selling that’s based on your customers’ needs

Needs-based sales configuration helps your sales teams to lead customers to the right product based on what matters most to them. Needs-based means that the configuration is based on the customer’s specific requirements, allowing the configurator to find the best suitable solutions that are both optimal and valis. CPQ lets you transform your customer's buying experience.

Quote faster than your competition

Accurate, high-quality quotes with supporting documents that are generated automatically. This accelerates the quoting process. Respond quickly to the most demanding customer, and beat your competition to the signing table.

Discover how generating optimal and fast sales quotes can transform how you sell.

Sales Configuration Capabilities

  • Needs-based questions such as intended use, required capacity or other preferences.
  • Easy-to-use, highly visual interface with image selections, sliders or simple drop-downs.
  • Instant feedback to the user, such as automatically greyed-out options and conflict resolution.
  • Intelligent default selections to minimize clicks-to-quote.
  • Product characteristics explained with supporting images, texts and even 3D visualization - enabling your customers to make informed decisions.
  • Help the customer discover new needs using dynamic questions that depend on previous answers.
  • Read-outs from IoT devices describe how previous products at the customer's have been used, as the basis for a new quote.
  • Feature-based modeling language easily translates customer needs and non-technical requirements into technical requirements.
  • Constraint-based configurator solver finds solutions based on technical requirements.
  • Customer's purchasing history and industry form the basis for analyzing customer needs.
  • Beneficial requirements (for example, longer battery life) taken into account, improving overall understanding of needs.
  • Constraint-based configurator optimizer finds the best solutions based on selected criteria such as weight, capacity or fuel consumption.
  • Advanced external and internal calculations support the selection process.
  • Conflict resolution balances conflicting requirements and finds the best alternative solutions.
  • Options for upselling are provided, increasing the deal size.
  • Accurate, high-quality proposals with supporting documentation generated automatically.
  • 3D visualization ensures a valid and compelling quote.
  • Value propositions calculated by the CPQ create trust in the product recommendations.
  • Product characteristics explained with supporting images and texts – ensuring the customer understands the details of the offer.

Sell customized products as if they were standard

Watch Sales Configuration in Action

Sales Configuration CPQ Products

Tacton CPQ for Salesforce®

Tacton CPQ for Salesforce complements Salesforce with powerful services so that your sales team can configure products and produce high-quality sales quotes including technical documentation, 3D drawings, pricing and bills of materials.

Tacton CPQ

Tacton CPQ enables your channels to quote more accurately, close deals faster, and speed time to delivery. No matter how complex your products or business, you can make it easy for customers to buy exactly what they want – from you.