Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc.

MRI is a leading research and consulting firm that through integrated interdisciplinary knowledge, provides research and consulting services in a wide range of areas. From economy and industry to social systems, energy, environment, science and technology as well as IT solutions to government and commercial clients. MRI engages daily in projects with several Japanese manufacturing […]

Kozo Keikaku Engineering

Kozo Keikaku Engineering seeks to improve design efficiency for designers and sales teams by leveraging the power of design automation. Find out more at  

Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Information Systems

With over 900 employees, and offices throughout Japan, MHI utilizes its extensive experience as an information system company in the manufacturing industry. Find out more about Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Information Systems here.


With origins in the shipbuilding industry, we have a wealth of experience in manufacturing. With over 150 employees, we support our customers to realize business improvements that lead to cost reduction and increased sales. Specialties: SI, PLM, ALM Operational improvement supported by CPQ and modularization Find out more about Di-Squre at


EXA began working with Tacton configuration projects in 2013, having already built up considerable expertise in the product configuration arena. EXA has a strong track record with many projects in the industrial sector and a particular niche in assemble-to-order manufacturing. Our engineers and specialists are highly skilled and have considerable Tacton know-how as well as expertise in product modelling. Key customers […]