Courses Order: First

Product Modeling Basic Training

An introduction to the Tacton Product modeling. Participants will work hands-on with product modeling in Tacton Administration, to get a basic understanding of Tacton back-end products and solutions. (3 days) + 2 hour e-learning Costing in Product Models

Tacton CPQ Basic Training

The objective for this course is to cover the basics of Tacton CPQ and is a prerequisite for the other CPQ courses. It is the introductory course to Tacton CPQ and the administration. The course explains the different actorsin Tacton CPQ, the main workflow and the objects involved. (1 day)

TDA for Autodesk Inventor

An introduction to Tacton Design Automation products. Participants will work hands-on with Tacton Design Automation Studio and Tacton Design Automation Engineer to get a basic understanding of the Tacton Design Automation solution for Inventor. (2 days)

TCsite for Administrators

This is the TCSite for Administrators course. It does not cover any modeling concepts and is purely aimed at the person implementing the TCSite installation at a customer site. The course consists of PPT presentations as well as a live walk-through of TCSite. (0.5 day)