Courses Order: Third

TDA for PTC Creo

An introduction to Tacton Design Automation products. Participants will work hands-on with Tacton Design Automation Studio and Tacton Design Automation Engineer to get a basic understanding of the Tacton Design Automation solution for PTC Creo. (2 days)

Tacton CPQ Pricing

Pricing training explains how to create and maintain pricing models within Tacton CPQ. It contains a general introduction to pricing and practical exercises. (1 day)

Modeling Methodology Training

An overview of how to create successful, easily maintained models. Participants will learn the tools and how to structure a model in order to make for a successful implementation. (2 days)

TCsite Developers Basic Training

Designed for participants who want to gain an understanding of the inner workings of TCsite. Participants will also gain practical experience in modifying and extending the functionality of TCsite. (5 days)