Tacton CoDesigner Basic Training

The objective for this course is to cover the basic functionality in the product Tacton CoDesigner. It is also the introductory course for the Tacton Administration. The course explains the main workflow and the objects involved, but not how to alter or extend it. (½-1 day)

TCsite Developers Advanced Training

For experienced developers who want to extend their knowledge of TCsite. The goal of the course is for participants to gain the knowledge to design and lead work on large TCsite customizations and integration. (5 days)

Tacton CPQ Document Generation

An introduction to Tacton document generator products, hands-on exercises with Tacton CPQ to get a basic understanding of the Tacton document generation solution. (1 day)

Modeling Advanced Training

Theoretical introduction as well as practical hands-on experience of the more advanced and powerful concepts and tools available in the Tacton modelling tool (TCStudio). (2 days)