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CPQ Analytics

Get more out of your CPQ solution with CPQ Analytics

Your CPQ holds a wealth of knowledge about your business, your customers and their preferences.
Unlock it with CPQ analytics.

  • Recognise market trends and be in a position to capitalise on them ahead of anyone else.

  • Understand what part of your product offering brings most value to your customers.

  • Identify deal characteristics linked to wins and losses.

Beyond reporting

Understanding the principal drivers for buying decisions is essential for responding to market changes and guiding product development and pricing structures.

Tacton’s ability to capture customer needs takes analysis beyond reporting on sales of features and products. It aids understanding of important key differentiators and how this is affected by geography and segment.

Tacton CPQ Analytics supports ad-hoc analysis and data exploration to understand customer segments, pricing and key business drivers.

CPQ Analytics for sales & marketing

CPQ Analytics reveals which product options, features and services are most in demand with your customers, and pinpoints deal characteristics linked to wins and losses.

This provides critical insight into what your customers value about your offering, as well as what actions are needed to ensure your offering is the most attractive on the market.

CPQ Analytics for product development

Early awareness of shifts in demand patterns and customer inquiries can greatly support your product development teams as it can validate and give clues to future focus areas. New and updated products can reach the market earlier, bringing both competitive and margin benefits.

CPQ Analytics for manufacturing

Because CPQ Analytics reveals changes in demand and customer preferences at an early stage, manufacturing has more time to adjust production. CPQ Analytics also provides decision support for investment in, and realignment of, production capacity.

How it’s done

Tacton CPQ Analytics can be used standalone,  based on tools such as QlikView, Tableau or Power-BI, to transform CPQ behavior logs and output files into valuable insights.

Tacton CPQ Analytics can be extended to include data from e-Commerce platforms, CRM and ERP and can be integrated with existing data warehouse solutions such as Hadoop and Business Objects.