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3 secrets to a successful CPQ workshop

How do you succeed with your Configure Price Quote (CPQ) process? As many things in business, it all starts with a productive workshop. But how do you secure a successful outcome from such a workshop?

Well, we have the secrets all lined up for you. Three of them, in fact.

At Tacton, we like to set the bar quite high for anyone participating in such a workshop. We do this by proactively asking everyone to bring three things:


Bring your brains

We need the people who really know how the product works, both from a technical- and sales perspective. This is rarely only one person, but rather a team made up of conflicting inputs.

We need to understand the product, the sales situation and the value the product brings to your customer. And that requires some heavy thinking. In that situation brains truly help, right?

Working with true experts will increase effectiveness of any workshop, so make sure everyone brings their brains!


Bring your passion

The desire to create something new and extraordinary is important. This gives us the possibility to see new opportunities instead of reinventing the shortcomings of the previous tools.

Therefore, it’s important that the people involved have the understanding of exactly why the CPQ tool will (and should!) make a difference. Without a proper motivation, we risk a one-sided focus on pitfalls rather than on the overall picture.

Without passion, we’ll never reach those goals. Without it, you won’t do the workshop any good.


Bring your courage

There are always difficult decisions to be made:

  • What should the default product selection be?
  • What should be defined as best practice?
  • What should be allowed—and what should be excluded?

These questions require REAL courage. We need it to create a CPQ tool with the right balance between flexibility and ease-of-use. And it calls for some bold decisions.

When it comes to CPQ-implementations there are the good ways of doing things. And there are the bad ways. Courage determines which way you decide to go.


Now, deliver!

So, do you have what it takes? Do you have the brains, the passion and the courage to implement a CPQ tool?

We do. And we think you do too.



Photo courtesy: Dick Schaefer