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3 superhero traits for your CPQ tool

Now consider this:

– Which are the main drivers when a customer starts looking for a CPQ sales solution?
– What are the actual problems that need to be addressed?

Designing a great CPQ process doesn’t require rocket science. It’s all about common sense. I know this, you know this.

However, in the eyes of the customer, the solution must be perceived as a bonafide Super Hero!

Today I will teach you my mantra. A mantra which will help you focus your efforts on three traits that will help make sure your CPQ tool has super hero qualities.

1: Make it SuperFast!

Speed is essential when it comes to customer response. It is important both for your customer and for your company.

If you’re slow to respond, your customer loses confidence, you lose credibility and it can end up costing you the deal.

A quick response will give you the edge over your competitors — and it also sends a signal to your customer that you know what you’re doing.

If your quote is the first on the customer’s desk, then it’s very likely it will set the standard for each and every additional quote delivered in the weeks or months to come.

2: Make it SuperAccurate!

Once you’ve proposed a solution, it better be rock solid.

Coming back to a customer with changes to a proposed solution is not only embarrassing, it will also most likely lower your chances of closing the deal. It sends a message that you didn’t understand the implications of your own design.

And that’s assuming that you even find the errors during the sales process.

Errors in pricing can also be an expensive mistake. If they’re in the customer’s favor, then they might help you to close the deal – but incorrectly priced products is not a great place to build future business from.

These mistakes will eat into your profit in the blink of an eye. That’s why it’s crucial to get it right from the beginning!

3: Make it SuperCompelling!

Your product statement must be as solid as the product you’re delivering.

If your customer isn’t impressed by the way your proposal is presented, it will reflect on your product and your company.

Even if there is no statistically proven correlation between a good quote and a good product, we all know that first impressions count.

You don’t want to leave your customer wondering, “Why should I trust the product if the supplier can’t even describe it in a way that makes sense to me?”


SuperFast. SuperAccurate. SuperCompelling…

So there you go. That’s your mantra. It might not have you cleaning up Gotham City, but it will help you build yourself a SuperHero CPQ tool!