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I am taking the subway to work every morning. It is a 20 minute commute and something that used to strike me is the extent to how many people were using their smart phones while commuting. When I looked around the subway cart at least 90% of the people were using their smart phone one way or another.


At first I was looking at this as a negative, like: ”Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we would lift our heads a bit and talk to the person next to us instead of wasting time checking Facebook-feeds or playing games?”. But who was I to believe everyone was ”wasting time”? There could be an incredible amount of cool stuff happening around me while commuting:


The 40-year old woman with the green hat may be taking an audio course in Italian, that stylish looking woman may be sealing a huge deal for her startup company on her smartphone, the business man by the window could be ordering a romantic gift for his wife, the guy next to me could be creating a fantastic…ah, nope, he was just playing Candy Crush. Still, I hope you understand what I mean.


For me, technology, like smart phones, tablets, internet etc means that I can have more freedom in my life. I do not have to be in the office to finish off an offer, I can reply to a customer while I am boarding the plane and I can review the changes my colleague sent me even when I am late to work due to delays in the subway. In fact, I often use the time on the subway to come up with and write drafts on this very blog.


Being able to make people creative and productive wherever they are is something I, personally, feel good about when I think about our new app we recently launched for iOS. I have heard my fair share of horrific stories of the tedious iterations and paper work some of our customers had to go through for each quotation before they started with CPQ. I was proud to know they could just go to work and solve much in a minute that took hours and hours before. Nowadays, they don’t even have to in front of their computer or even at work and I find that really cool!


Today, I feel the same type of curiosity when I sit in my subway cart. Maybe that 45 year old woman in the business dress is actually helping out in an important business case by making sure their customer gets a quotation in an instant, using our new app?

Author: tacton_webdevadmin