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Check out the Latest Product Updates from Tacton

Here at Tacton we’re always listening and learning to try and further understand how our manufacturing customers do business. With that in mind, our latest update is offering exciting ways for manufacturers to enhance their customers’ experiences.  

What’s new 

Tacton is now offering Customer Self-Service, integration to Microsoft Dynamics and API for analytics. Combining the latest updates with the existing Tacton platform will continue to prove great for your business. Still unsure? Check out just a few of the values the latest update to Tacton can provide:  


Customer Self-Service is an API based option to give your company the ability to set up at customer self-service portal for budget quotes, where your customers can select configure and download budget proposals. With customers doing more than 57% of research online (Accenture, 2018) our new self-service can allow your existing customers to browse your complete product catalog. Customers do more searches than ever when purchasing an item, which makes having a place to display your products is an integral part of your success. Customer self-service also offers: 

  • A true omnichannel, with a connection between direct/partner and eCommerce sales in one quote 
  • Let customer create their own quotes to dramatically shorten the quoting process 
  • Empower your customers and sales team to work together  
  • Enhance the customer experience by enabling them to serve their own needs, quickly 

Integration to Microsoft Dynamics

Our latest update also includes integration into Microsoft Dynamics. Our CPQ solutions integrate seamlessly to Dynamics for simplified workflows. With integrations it’s important for your team to be able to leverage the existing data quickly and effectively together. As a result, sharing data for your sales reps will be easier than ever with this integration. No more entering data twice in the quoting process. 

  • Sales Reps can work in the environment they are comfortable with full access to all functionality in Tacton CPQ from Dynamics   
  • Accelerating sales velocity and efficiency by generating faster, error-free quotes – speeding up quote process (shortening the sales cycle and reducing the time to market) 
  • Offer a single point of administration for your entire sales team 

API for Analytics 

 CPQ data is unique and our latest release now includes an API for analytics. With the new analytic API, you will be able to gain insights unique for CPQ data that aren’t stored elsewhere- including sales cycle, quote versions, process information, BOM info and customer needs. Now you will be able to gain product insights based on demand patterns, which items bring the most value and which parts get quoted the most.  API for analytics will allow you to accelerate your sales by understanding the demand of your product portfolio and tailor the logistic flow and stock availability.  

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! With the latest from Tacton, it’s possible to engage the customer even further with this update. Manufacturers who adopt new digital and analytical tools can gain strategic advantages for their customer experience. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Tacton can change your business schedule your personal demo today!

Author: Michael Brassea