December 02 2019

Give Your Integrations a Powerful Teammate with CPQ  

Your business and your favorite sports team have more in common than you would think. For example, would you want to have a team of role players combined with one superstar, or one great player and a few inefficient ones? If you’re anything like me you’d like a team that works in unison to achieve a goal instead of wasting your time waiting for inefficient players to change. Integrations may be the teammate you've been looking for. 

That begs the question, why would you have inefficient processes in your manufacturing operations? Having accurate configurations and quoting are critical for the bottom line of your business which makes accuracy critical to your success. This makes it important to have all your systems integrate seamlessly within one another to maximize success, profit and customer experience 

Every System Plays a Role 

Keeping that idea of team play when it comes to your business integrations is a great way to demonstrate how having a harmonious flow of data and information can help in so many ways. Your CRM system (Dynamics 365, Salesforce, SAPis a great way to understand your interactions with potential customers, but it can only do so much when it comes to creating your product for them. Your ERP (SAP) also plays a part in how you sell your products. Sending your expected product to an ERP system for final review can be a tricky process when configuring and quoting complex products. This is where the ball gets dropped and the inefficient player shines with items such as spreadsheets with customer data and product information.  

As you know, spreadsheets are messy and can lead to incorrect versions and lost data. Not to mention human error and inefficient processes can cost your company time and money. Your CRM and ERP systems aren’t going anywhere don’t worry, it’s time to look at how to better optimize them to maximize how you sell your product.  That’s why it’s time to consider pairing your CRM and ERP with a new teammate, CPQ.  

Let CPQ be Your Data Superstar 

Pairing your CRM and ERP systems with integration to CPQ combines teammates that can help your business thrive internally and when preparing quotes for customers. Instead of doubling your team's workload by entering data in two different places, keep all your master data in one spot. That even includes updates to product portfolios and new pricing! By pairing your systems with a CPQ you can remove human error and ensure your sales team confidence that they are using the right data, every time.  

Ensuring your integrations run smoothly can change how you do business, so what are you waiting for? Team up your CRM and ERP systems with Tacton CPQ and watch the wins pile up while you leave the competition in the dust!  

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