June 17 2014

How to run CPQ test programs at speed

We all know how important time to market is. But at the same time we cannot afford to launch configurations that are any less than perfect. This is why we at Tacton decided to launch a new product — the Testbench.

Testing is important. Business critical, even. In today’s competitive online environment, it’s potentially dangerous to launch configuration solutions that simply don't work as well as they could.

The reasons for not running a comprehensive test program are often many. They can relate to budget, deadlines or lack of solid testing processes.

When speed and reliability are equally important

There's no doubt that speed is a critical factor in business today. However, speed isn't everything. The relationship with the customers is very important too – if you want to maintain a successful business.

Contrary to popular belief, real customer relationships actually take as long to build online as they do offline. Given the fact that our customer’s mental bandwidths are limited, this gives us only fractions of seconds to keep them happy.

So, what’s the real insight here?

Let’s build the Tacton testbench

How to launch perfectly working solutions at a superior speed — and keep evolving them to stay ahead of the competition?

We started building a testing environment that would work for us here at Tacton. Something that would allow us to run complex testing at a great speed and volume, without compromising with deadlines.

And our thinking was that if it works for us, then it’ll most definitely work for our demanding clients as well.

So we created the Tacton Configurator Studio Testbench. It allows for us to run complex testing at great heavy loads — and at scale.

With a few clicks in a brand new interface.

Testing the testing environment

Clients currently running the Tacton Configurator Studio will feel right at home, as the Testbench integrates seamlessly.

Some of our key clients have gotten early bird access to the Testbench. Here’s Pär Alenbrand, Sales Configuration Manager at Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB:

“At Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB we use Testbench during development of the configuration model for our gas turbines. It plays an important role when quality assuring and testing the changes in our product models. The biggest benefit with the Testbench is that it enables us to easily run recurring test cases but also to develop and create new test cases.”

Interested in testing the testbench?

Do you feel that CPQ testing is an area where you could be doing better? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Have a great day!

Teresa Riehm, Product Manager
Mobile phone: +46 73920 24 33
Tacton Systems: +46 8 690 07 50
Press release:


Read more about Tacton Configurator Studio Testbench over at Desktop Engineering.

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